[SGC_] Eat ur FACE01 Horizon Extravaganza - 12/8 - Mustang Cobra Drift

Hey all, I’ve been a bit slow to get started in the booth now that we’re comfortably in Europe, but here is where I’ve decided to park my new designs.

I have a lot in progress, but few actually finished - will update as they come together.

Feedback and thoughts are always welcome~

[some wordy intro to eventually follow]

Finished Projects [May separate later based on theme, if enough get completed]

McLaren P1
Legend of Six Coyotes cape from Destiny
design name: six coyotes
p13 by EaturFACE01, on Flickr

'69 Boss 302
Tokyo Drift/Initial D inspired
design name: cobra mustang
cobra by EaturFACE01, on Flickr

And here is where the WIPs will go!

Personal LFA project:
lfa2 by EaturFACE01, on Flickr

lfa by EaturFACE01, on Flickr

Destiny Huracan:
wolfpack by EaturFACE01, on Flickr


[and just for good measure: space]

Nice work so far I’m liking that Lexus mate keep em coming !!!

That P1 design is sweet. I will be adding it to my garage.

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Glad to see you found a place to show your wares. Awesome work so far and I know more to come. Love the LFA.

The LF-A is really cool indeed and I have to admit I have never played Destiny but that McLaren is looking really groovy. Nice work mate!

Nice work bud :+1:

P1 looks pretty cool!


that P1 dude looks cool

Glad you all like the P1 so much haha.

I’m working on a Huracan inspired by something in the game as well. Maybe I’ll snap a teaser or two of more WIPs.

My exams started back up this week though so my playing time is severely limited. :frowning:

I’ll get some stuff finished eventually, promise lol.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Huracan. And you’ve gotta get your priorities straight … exams can wait … lol.

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+1. Nice stuff lately mate.

+1 on all the positive comments. Looking forward to more from you!

WIP teaser since I can’t seem to get things thrown together.

Bear with me…

wolfpack by EaturFACE01, on Flickr

PS: I’ve been flopping back and forth on whether or not to carry those slants down onto the nose, and I think in the final version I will.

mmm interesting!! :slight_smile:

Another WIP, since I can’t seem to get any of these things finished. I think a couple people I know on here will really like this one once it all comes together.

jpnc by EaturFACE01, on Flickr

Don’t worry your not alone there I got about 10 on fm5 to finish ha ha and a few on fh2 already