Servers down?

I don’t know why, but somehow I can’t get in the AH. It says that it can’t connect to the server.

It’s down for me! Just sent this question on twitter too.

Great, and just when the nicest cars are up… ;_;

Same here its up then its down, then up, then down. I hope they lets know whats going on.

same problem for me aswell

Definitely having issues , even if you can get in auction it will let you bid kick you out then when you go out of game and come back it will refund credits and you can’t buy a car out either. I wonder how many lost cars for next to nothing, I seen a Merc C9 go for a couple thousand credits that were previously bid… what a mess.

storefront is down as well, up one second, down the next. kinda sucks cuz there is a vinyl that i am trying to buy for a livery in a Turn10 sponsored event on and i cant get the vinyl i need :frowning:

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Rhaaa it’s frustrating, I just checked and nothing changed : “servers are down”.

I have the same thing to when every I start the game up it said it

I had about 50 (yes, fifty) auctions closing during this outage. The vast majority of them closed at about 2k because no one could bid on them I probably just lost about 10m credits or more thanks to this issue…:*(

I’m not very happy right now.

What on earth is going on with the servers??? It’s been 2 days I can’t do anything auction house, Leader boards… ETC…

me too

Ive been able to do things intermittently, but its like every other server request gets dropped and I get knocked back to the menu with FM4 or Turn10 server not available error messages. I re-pointed my DNS just in case they made a server change that hadn’t propogated or was stuck in cache…no luck. I think the issue is on their side.

I’m on Comcast Xinfinity if it makes any difference.

Me too i have won an auction on ah and after maybe 5 trys ive been able to get the car. I get error messages about forza 4 servers being down or so dunno whats happening but its frustrating!

I do believe its wide spread…when I do successfully search the auction house there are very few cars for sale!

Same is true here, I’ve been unable to download paints or more importantly, resolve my auctions. Of greatest concern to me is that I had about 70 auctions going on in the last 48 hours, and the vast majority of them ended during this outage and during the intermittent moments when I can see my messages or go to the auction house, I see that a lot of my auctions ended with just 2-3 bids, meaning I’ve lost millions in credits because my auctions couldn’t be viewed and bid on. A bunch of the cars were worth 400k+ and I could have made more just selling them back to the game…I see no way that Turn10 can resolve this now, I’ve lost millions and the cars to whatever lucky soul happened to bid on them prior to the server issues.

Also, I have yet to see anything here as a response from T10 about this issue. WTH?

Same here,seems to be worldwide… ON/OFF,IN/OUT… since 24 hrs… hope the guys working on it!

True, I bid on a Shelby Daytona Coupe just as a placeholder and then came back and found that I had “won” it for 20k. I would find that truly impossible if the servers were working correctly. Now its “under review” so I suppose that its going to get cancelled or reversed. Which is fine. Hopefully some of your auctions get cancelled as well (particularly if they have ridiculously low bids during the server outage).

Basically, I was selling off a lot of duplicates and going through my list of cars (I was maxed out on my # of cars) and taking off paints + tunes and then constructing the auctions was very time consuming (2+ hours?). Even if Turn10 resolves these auctions by returning all of the cars to me, I’ll still be looking at going through my entire list again and sorting out setting up the auctions.

Since I’m not in front of my consoles presently, I have no way of determining if the problems are still ongoing. Have the servers cleared up yet?