Series 34 info



  • Summer: April 8 - 15
  • Autumn: April 15 - 22
  • Winter: April 22 - 29
  • Spring: April 29 - May 6


Playground Games had its livestream on April 1st, while Forza Monthly took place on April 5th.
Update 34 Livestream:
05:00 - Tom Butcher and Mike Brown go over the Festival Playlist for Series 34
11:00 - Gameplay with the Pontiac Firebird and new Porsche 356 RSR Emory
22:00 - Super7 gameplay
40:00 - Super7 High Stakes info, coming after S34
43:00 - Updates/fixes: Steam achievements/issues, Quadra modeling

Forza Monthly April livestream:
04:00 - Series 34 recap from above
08:30 - Celebrating Earth Day with Rimac
10:00 - Community photo montage (RAESR Tachyon)
11:00 - T10’s Chris Esaki talking Forza Motorsport and Turn 10 Feedback Program Sign Up Survey
17:00 - Community Spotlight interview: @R4Speed (photographer and drifter)
31:00 - Community photo montage (Peugeot 207) and Alie Tacq talking FM7 esports
43:00 - Forza Street update with Aston Martin; streaming schedule
44:00 - Official Forza streaming schedule, Rimac reel


The Series 34 article covers the two new exclusive cars:

  • 1968 Pontiac Firebird (previously in FM4)
  • 1960 Porsche 356 RSR from Emory Motorsport (new to Forza)
    These two bring the Horizon Promo count to 735.


While the Super7 High Stakes feature was discussed on stream, it’s not coming in Series 34 but rather in “an upcoming update very very soon.”
Mentioned on Forza Monthly, FH4 will be celebrating Earth Day later in April by providing more opportunities to collect the electric Rimac C2.


The content update was released shortly after 11am Pacific time on Tuesday, April 6th.
7.64GB on Series X console

Release Notes eventually get published at Forza Support.

Fixes reported during the livestream:

  • Steam Achievements not popping
  • Memory crashes on Series consoles
  • Mouse on screen
  • Windows update crash
  • Steam server management
  • Investigating other crashes and wheel issues for Steam players
  • Modeling update for the Quadra

What is the Xbox Games Roundup ?
Will there be any news from Forza or Horizon ?

Another Porsche 356 will be added to this game! Yay.

#TorbenTuesday clue tweet:

The Clues are :three::five::six::cowboy_hat_face::gun: and :six::eight::fire::bird: i’m saying any car made in 1968 and any car with a cowboy hat and a gun

Ah, yes, the 356 Cowboy Hat Water Pistol. My dad had one of those. He was quite fond of it.


68 could refer to the 1968 Pontiac Firebird 400. As for the 356 clue, it could be another Porsche 356.

356s are always fun to drive. However, I’d prefer it if Forza added the originals instead of glorifying these tuners.

New motto is “built, not bought”. Well, there’s nothing more “bought” than buying a car where the tuner work has already been done for you.

The epitome of this is the Singer. It’s a very bad car to tune in the game, to the point that it’s better to just leave it alone and drive it stock. But, you could’ve had a real 964 instead, with old 911 bumpers as additional parts if you wanted to “backdate” it…

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Forza Support sent out a tweet a few hours ago, claiming they fixed the server/crashing issue. Maybe they did but my console has not received a patch update. My game is still crashing. What say you?

Just in case for those that still don’t get it, the first clue is referring to the Emory “Outlaw” Porsche 356. As much as I love Porsches, this is what, the 5th 356 variant, between the officials, tuners, and Gmund? Certainly some other Porsches could use some spotlight time…

In other news, I wonder if we’ll finally get that Lexus Super7 Challenge thing that’s been pseudo-advertised since December, practically. Likely coinciding with the High Stakes event(s) that have been coming soon! for the last four months.


if i’m not mistaken, that “Lexus Super7 Challenge” was actually just a stream from forza playing the (at the time) new Super7, which was promoted/advertised my Lexus, hence the name
Lexus Super7

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Huh, I didn’t know that. I was under the impression it was an upcoming in-game event, not a special stream. Thanks for informing me!

I hope it’s not another Outlaw 356. Don’t get me wrong… Rod Emory is a genius and a great guy but Athe outlaws don’t do it for me, and I own a real 356.

I was thinking MAYBE it’s a Police 356? Autobahn police used them as did the Dutch police.

Just curious, what are the "original 356’s? There’s the 356-A and 356-C, so perhaps there’s at least a 356-B? What else? And how many more variants are there?

There were 4 models, the plain 356, then the A, B and C. FH4 has two stock 356As: the Speedster, which is the most coveted one, and the 1600 Super D, which was the last one Porsche made.

Forza has a plain 356, but it’s the Gmünd coupe. It doesn’t have any 356 B nor C. Which is a shame because the 356 B for example is one of the best 356s and also one of the most replicated cars in existence. The 356 B later came with a 2.0L engine, which carried on to the 356 C, which was the final model.

NFS Porsche Unleashed had almost every variant of the first 356 models (every engine AND body type!), but no 356 C.

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Wow, a reference to NFS PU. Haven’t seen one in awhile. That game was absolute gobbles of classic Porsches. Still remember driving the Moby Dyck in 1st, reaching unrealistic speeds, on the game boy.

Now THAT would be a game to remaster for current Gen consoles.

68 Firebird
356 Outlaw
Rest of world thinks Americans are cowboys with guns.
We’re actually rednecks with guns.
Weird choices.
356 a/b/c/sc/Carrera/Carrera2/Continental/America Roadster most I remember. Also GS and GS/GT versions of Speedster.
I’ve never used the Outlaw. But the A coupe and speedster are fun.
Again all the recycle cars and these? Zzzzzzzzz


They are fun little cars; I just wish with having so many, at least one or two would have some impact somewhere or in some class (not op, mind you, just perform well enough on some level to have and maintain some degree of presence and/or utility).

what if the stream is actually a joke? like they say that only two cars are going to be added, and then right before the stream ends, they say “april fools, we added 8 cars, tricked ya”

i’m probably drunk, or extremely tired to the point where i just think of the oddest stuff. anyways, that’s all I have to say


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