Series 18 Winter - Pouncing Pumas treasure hunt solution [NON VIDEO VERSION]

Jump at least 100m far on a danger sign with a Ford Puma. Here’s the treasure, it isn’t exactly hidden:

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doesn’t have to be “Cascadas”, then?

either way, stock Ford Racing Puma is easily enough for “Cascadas”

Nah, I did it on one of the danger zones by the highway

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Also works with the Forza Edition Puma.


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Now, onto the comment.

Your sponsor needs to come BEFORE the content to annoy people. Ok bye now.



I’ve always wanted someone to create a 5-10 minute YT video where they spend the entire time thanking their sponsors, then move onto thanking their community, then thank their patreons, then end the video by asking everyone to like comment and subscribe without going into any actual content at all. I think it would be hilarious.


This big cat can ford a river over 100m wide … So says the description for Pouncing Pumas.

So what do I do? I get in the Puma and head over to the mouth of the big river just southeast of Costa Rocosa, and start driving back and forth over the shallows at the mouth. Seemed reasonable to me…

And all it took was a danger sign jump, anywhere on the map?

That’s just the spirit of PGG. Shall we send a thank you?


Well, I saw someone on FB mention that it doesn’t even need to be a danger sign :smiley:
You just need to jump basically anywhere and you’ll get it