Sedona (Forza)

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From FM4 Website

Located in among the red sandstone formations that characterize the Sedona area, the Sedona Raceway Park mixes a high speed oval with a truly challenging road course, making it one of the stiffest driving tests in the Forza Motorsport series. While the full circuit measures out at a whopping 4.1 miles long, there are layouts for every kind of vehicular challenge, including an oval and four drag strips, from 1/8 mile sprint to a gargantuan full mile gallop. It’s easy to enjoy the gorgeous desert view, but don’t let your eyes wander too far… or else, Sedona will bite you.



I had found the drag layout

  • Sedona Raceway Park Drag 1/8-mile (0.12 mi (0.19 km))
  • Sedona Raceway Park Drag 1/4-mile (0.25 mi (0.4 km))
  • Sedona Raceway Park Drag 1/2-mile (0.5 mi (0.8 km))
  • Sedona Raceway Park Drag 1 Mile (1 mi (1.61 km))

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Some Laps on Sedona




Opinion: Its a shame that no many people know about this track and how fun to race it is


Literally one of the best tracks of all time. Sedona would be SO MUCH FUN with the new physics of the current release of FM.

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true, i want race thru the tunnel in and out

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Beautiful track with superb layout, atmosphere and graphics. Miss it so dearly from FM4. Please bring it back soon! :slight_smile:

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The nostalgia this brings to me is unmatched.


i would loe see thi track back

Probably the most interesting ocal track in a Forza game. It is a Dover-esque track (entirely enclosed in an arena, short oval circuit) but it has an opening in the middle of the second straight where it opens up to a pretty good road course. It even had a drag strip attached to it.

In a game where you have three oval tracks already, this track would be a good add to round out the ovals in this game so long as you can’t get Daytona back or anything.

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pretty much the best racetrack in every forza game this was in