Second Horizon Bucket List: MNI Cooper '65

There is a glitch with the speed zone. I’ll be accelerating towards the last gate and the speed average value will be climbing as I’m accelerating but just before I cross the line the average value drops to 68.xx automatically. I didn’t lift or anything. I was running down the center of the road like normal. I’ve tried to get this challenge done but every time the glitch occurs and drops to 68.xx (I think it is 68.21. Can’t really make it out except for the 68).

I had no issue with it. Maybe try going through the zone the other way?

Does that speed zone do the same thing in single player? If not it may be a bucket list bug, although I wasn’t aware of this

I had a bug on the Lotus Exige challenge where a friend and I would both average speeds of 70 mph or faster and it would say we failed even though each person only needs a speed of 65 to pass the challenge. It did this every time we tried the whole night, ad when we came back a couple days later it worked just fine.

It may have something to do with your connection, but I really don’t know. It resolved itself for me so…

Make sure you don’t have assisted braking turned on. My friends turned this on without me knowing as a prank and it had me scratching my head for several hours as it doesn’t always kick in, when it does you assume your cars losing power for some reason, when it’s actually braking for you. lol

I noticed the drop right at the finish. My theory, there’s a lag in displaying the average speed. In this challenge there’s a turn right before the finish where you have to slow down. If you don’t get the line right to carry enough momentum to the finish you don’t average 70 but the display only drops below 70 right before the finish as you are accelerating again.
There’s a delay. This one took me enough attempts!

I think you’re right. Aggravating this, the car is not powerful, and even the smallest twist of the steering costs you 1 or 2 MPH’s, which are critical to maintaining the average.