Seasonal Championship - CoOp will put you in any of the 3 available - Bug?

I really don’t know if this is a bug or not. I wanted to do ‘Carol of the Bel Airs’ in Co-Op but after starting co-op matchmaking for that championship it actually put me in the ‘Drivin Home for Xmas’ Championship, and in the wrong car. I tried again and it put me in ‘Getting Hyped’ but at least let me choose the right car for that this time.

Is that how co-op works for the seasonals, or is it a bug?

Co-op just plain doesn’t work for me. It puts me into convoy for a minute and then disconnects whoever has joined my co-op race. This thing just worked in FH4 but not in FH5.

Its still not working. It loads up the convoy with other players then suddenly it disconnects from the whole thing and returns to free roam.