Convoy - Player entering Co-op Seasonal Championship may be disconnected during loading - 3153877

(Second report for today.)

Since, I think, 2 or 3 months now, my mates and I are experiencing many issues to start a seasonal championship just within our convoy.
It takes many attempt for the leader to get the championship started on the others’ side too.
Whether there are 2 or 3 members in the convoy, whether they are physically close or not (always in the same country though), but all having pretty high bandwidth internet connection, you may need to launch it more than 5 times to get it started.
Sometimes, the championship even starts with only a portion of the convoy (whereas there is no invite to accept so all convoy members are theoratically forced to join).
Sometimes, the championship starts like it should at first try.
Sometimes, you need to launch an “open” championship with players outside of your convoy because “Convoy only” doesn’t work.

Once again, as English isn’t my native language, I hope to be understandable enough.

Seasonal Championships broken on Co-Op mode.

Game shows the event startup but will not show the car selection page afterwards and will return the convoy leader to freeroam. We have passed the leader to all players in the convoy but they all cannot start the event.

@AlphaGeekV2 @GimonSaac - we’re doing periodic check-ins: would you please confirm if this bug continues to be an issue after updates released since you first reported it?

I would say it seems to be good (or good enough) now.