Season Pass

Now i know its way late but i never had season pass. there’s a Sale and i got it… now i got a good amount of cars now for me but 4 of the packs don’t unlock.

Meguiar’s Car Pack
July’s Car Pack
August Play seat Car Pack
September Pennzoil Car Pack

Aren’t Those apart of the Season Pass?

It gives you access to 6 monthly car packs, the November through to April packs. When you go to the Marketplace in game, keep scrolling to the right. The older packs start off at the end of the list.

I’m pretty sure you get the American muscle pack in there as well.

Unfortunately the one’s you’ve mentioned are all after April in release date.

hmm ah ok well thanks

Still a bargain compared to what it normally costs per pack (especially whilst there’s 85% off!)

yea i agree. i had a few cars from a few packs but i couldn’t pass this up lol scene i had the money to do it. Steam sale has been taking most of my money