Season 7 Weekly Challenges not counting

Driving an Exteme offroad vehicle, The 2 star speed zone reward is not rewarded, neither is the ultimate smash counter increasing. I need this to go to 100%. Please fix this! It just stays at 0/X.

have you done the 5 Cross Country events? You have to complete the tasks in the correct order for them to count

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For me even driving an Extreme Offroader doesn’t count and this is the FIRST stage :-/
Never has this before at all, no problems with weekly until now.

Any tips on fixing this ?

Did you try restarting your PC/console? Had no such issue on X1X.

I tuned an extreme off-road to A800, then used one of the weekly championships to clear out 3 of the 5 cross country, killing one bird as I was still throwing the stone.


It started working for me last night. Got the Forza Points now, thanks for you aid.