Searching for tuners

Is there anyway to search for you guys (tuners mentioned in this forum) in the games menu? Or do I need to look up cars a particular person has tuned and then search that way. If I don’t see names I know it’s because that person hasn’t tuned that car yet.

Ufortunately I think not although there have been some improvements made. You can now pull a tune directly from the leaderboards before you start a race, but I don’t think this helps for MP. I believe you can also follow a creator you like and it will move thier tunes to the front of your list when you go to load a tune. However, you still have to “get in” the car you want first. I will never understand how the default tunes get placed. Not sure why 1 & 2 star tunes show up before 5 star tunes!?

I hate to say it, but this forum is probably the best place to find a list of cars from a particular creator. It’s really too bad for the people who don’t visit this site.

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you need to be in the car your looking for the tune for, then you can search by GT.

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