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Photograph what you want, not what they like

I have been taking photos on all Forza games since FM4, and have set up a Gallery in each one, with limited success, though I had a few competitions to my name on FM4.

I’m always learning ways to get a better shot, so excuse some of the worse ones. Here are a few to start off with…

This is really good!

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Thank you! The BTCC cars are some of my favourite to drive.

While I like the layout in this shot. I feel it would of looked better with a lower shutter speed. As well as a higher aperture.

Just a single image this time, after I get a twitch off of the final corner at Daytona. I’m not sure about this shot though.

That’s a unique photo though, I like this shot as well:

It has a spectator-like feel to it, it is a great shot, but similar to what Pebb said, a little more aperture would make the picture pop more, but that’s my opinion. Nice start

Great looking set!

My only suggestion is that you use some effects like aperture etc, it can make a picture look even better :slight_smile:

Great shot, the crashing shot is pretty cool too.

A few more, starting to experiment with some of the less used effects now

Your Touring Car shots are awesome!!

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Those two are very nice!

Nice work! Lime Rock looks like it’s going to be a popular location for its rural setting.

Under braking…

Some nice action shots in here

Nice shot!

I love this one.

Nice shot!

2 months feels like a rather long time…

Pretty epic, love it -;