SatNiteEduardo's Xbox One tunes (updated to include B class Ford Lotus Cortina rally and BMW M235i)

My tuning process is as follows - I have around 100 cars and have tuned them all without testing (;)). I am progressing through the 168 single player championships and if I find a car that wins in career with little effort and feels good then I share it. If not I fine tune and hope the next time that championship comes up the car feels better.

So any tune I have shared I find an easy win in career.

I am writing this post from memory and will edit with corrections later so some classes may be wrong.

Most tunes are all rounders ie suitable for any race types. Most are AWD but tuned to turn.

B class

Subaru WRX 05 (set a top ten time in the Clubbed Up rivals event)
Subaru Legacy RS (was temporarily in the top ten in Clubbed Up until my final WRX run)
Volkswagen Corrado VR6
Chevy Monte Carlo SS
Renault Clio Williams (2 x FWD tunes for tarmac)
Lancia Fulvia (FWD tune for tarmac)

A class

BMW M235i (RWD tarmac tune)
Toyota GT86
Ford Escort RS1800
Subaru 22b (tuned for the tarmac events at Nice)
Lancer Evo VI
Bmw 2002 Turbo (tune request - understeers a little but the requester likes it that way)
Mercedes A45 AMG Day One livery
Mercedes E63 AMG
C2 Corvette (RWD for tarmac)


Subaru WRX 05 (2 versions for tarmac tracks, tuned for Clubbed Up 3)
Subaru 22b (tuned for Clubbed Up 3)
Maserati MC12 (tuned for Clubbed Up 3)
Shelby Raptor
2013 Audi S4
2006 Audi RS4
Ford Capri ( lively and fun but can be driven tamely as well)


Ferrari 2003 Challenge Stradale (has proven to be an absolute beast online)
Lamborghini Huracan

I will add to this list any that I think are worthy.



VW Bus


Subaru BRAT (3 x rally tunes) - all tuned for Temple Brawl


Ford Lotus Cortina (v1 uploaded, there will be a v2 and this car will be useful on leaderboards)
Ford Bronco tuned for B class, Sisteron, East Plains Cross Country
Subaru BRAT (v1 tune but probably final) tuned for Temple Brawl
IDx NISMO tuned for West Trail Rampage
Nissan GTR 71
Jeep Wrangler (awesome lobby car)
Ford Escort RS Cosworth 92 tuned for the Cliffside Climb rivals event on Storm Island.


Mercedes 300SL RWD for Clubbed up 2 (a little less user friendly than the Camaro but quick if you get it right)
Chevy Camaro 70 RWD for Clubbed up 2 (plus a stock hood version)
Subaru 22b from Sugar Hill shared. Clutch users - you need to hold clutch in and dump on GO otherwise it bogs a little on launch. After that its a rocket ship :wink:
Ford Bronco tuned for Castelletto, Hillside Cross Country
IDx NISMO tuned for West Trail Rampage (also works well in monthly rivals this month at Hillside Cross Country. was in the lead until the Alfa’s showed up)
Shelby Raptor tuned for Temple Climb
Subaru 22B (currently holds a #2 at one of the cross country circuit races and definitely has the #1 in it)
Subaru WRX 08
Ford Escort 92 (Abbey Cross Country)
Ford Ranger (will probably get an update as its not quite there yet)
Ford Focus 09 (a little slippery still but has a good time on one of the Cross Country circuits)
Ford Focus 09 v2 (rally)
Ford Focus 09 v2 no aero (rally)
Ford Focus 09 v3


:smiley: Finally, a single location to look through to find all the magical tunes that are SatNiteEduardo worthy.

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Unfortunately my quad rotor Miata has not made the list. Tough to get that build right. May have to look at using it in one of the other cars that can use that swap.

It’s a shame there aren’t any quad rotor cars for real. I know it’s highly impractical and would be pricey to maintain as a daily driver, but can you imagine?

A friend asked me to tune a Ford Capri to S1 with specific characteristics.

The resulting tune has been shared.

It is awd and I would describe it as fun and lively and even twitchy.

It may take a little time to get used to it but we found once used to it the car will do exactly as asked. Itr can be driven tamely if you choose to. IT can rack up the combos as well if you want to.

Added my go to car in A class - Ford Escort RS1800. Online beast and holds some top tens in rivals. Best on short to medium tracks without long straights.

Also added a tune request BMW 2002 Turbo. It can understeer a little but that is how the requester likes it.

OOh, I think I found my next car to purchase. Which rivals events, do you know?

Sorry too lazy to look it up. But I have done all festival routes in Sisteron and San Giovanni in A class and some in Montellino.

Just trying to find one.

San Giovanni, West Valley Circuit I have been knocked down to #17.
San Giovanni, Oriente Trail #8

Well then, hopefully I can knock you down at least one more spot.

I don’t think I have any of your tunes yet. Tonight I will get your RS1800 and your Challenge Stradale. There a a few rivals notification waiting for me to race your ghost and one of them you used the RS1800. The rivals are a lot of fun in this game and real challenging so far.

Added a couple of A class, cross country tunes that are currently in top 5s - GT 86 and Evo VI.

That Evo Tune is very nice. It put up quite the challenge in Montellino and I enjoyed driving it so much, that at one point it held the #1 spot on Industrial Circuit. Then someone beat me and I tweaked my Subaru to take it back.

GT86 is insanely good, My races v AI are always quite close…im beaten them with the 86 by 15-20 seconds at times!! Going straight to the Autoshop to buy the rest of the cars you’ve done!!

Tried the escort rs1800 and set pb’s everywhere I’ve tried it, will be trying more of your tunes out thanks for sharing

Thanks for trying my tunes and thanks for the feedback.

Subaru 22b added. A class. Tuned for the tarmac events in Nice. At time of writing holds #1 at Shoreline Sprint.

The 2003 Ferrari CS is epic. Thanks for the tune!!
The 22b is equally as good.
Your Horizon 1 tunes were always top notch. Good to see you on FH2

I have just updated my OP list with the 92 Ford Escort and Audi RS4 I used in the November monthly rivals and a glued to the track AWD Chevy Monte Carlo in B class.

Also here is a freebie.

Here is my latest mini build and tune which for now is #1 at Sisteron Perimeter Sprint with a 2.21.112


Filter - sport
Carb - race
Ignition - race
Exhaust - race
Valves - race
Block - race
Pistons - race

Brakes sport (used as pi filler and lost more weight than driveline)

Springs, ARBs and weight reduction all race

Transmission - street
Diff - race

Tyre compound - race
Width 185 front and rear (will probably go widest on rear)

Rims - RX43, max size

Full adjustable aero

Single Turbo swap

Tune (I am not happy with the off gas turning and getting on gas at exit)

Tyres 30/30psi
Camber -3.0/-2.8
Toe 0.2/0.1
Caster 1.7 (will probably end up with 1.5)
ARBs 4/40 (will probably end up with 1/40)
Springs 271/281 (will probably take 10 off both)
Height 4.3/4.3
Rebound 11.2/11
Bump 1.5/1.7

Aero 100/75

Diff 90/17 (decel diff may need adjusting to assist off gas turning mainly at the two hairpins) - will probably enf up with 85/10.

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Added my Clubbed Up Subarus to the list.

Thanks for the tips Eduardo I found they are great. I am hopeless at car tuning so I thought I might try your Mini tune above on my Ford Focus and it helped immensely, still cant drive for peanuts but at least I’m finishing last in style!

Can you spare a tunning tip for awd’s such as the Nissan GTR?