Myself and a couple other folks mainly do RWD V8 drag racing. I’m posting this topic just to see if there’s any interest in getting in a convoy and doing some drag racing at the Horizon Festival drag strip. I’m not talking about doing the actual race but more of a freeroam type thing.

As far as the convoy goes, I’m only using that to gather us all together because it’s impossible, as far as I know, for everyone to connect into the same Horizon Life session. Even within the convoy mics are optional and I can be in a party with someone else if u want. Again, the convoy is just to get us all within the same Horizon Life session.

Let me know if u have questions about what I’m trying to explain and let me know if any of you would be interested in meeting up at a set day and time and doing some racing.

What’s your gt?

Same as my username above… Outkast Actual.

I’ll shoot you a msg on Xbox Live.