Anybody want to make a drag group with me (Xbox 1)

I’m just tired of joined random sessions I want to make a group with drags, roll racing, digs, car meets, cruising around( from point A to point B) and to relax


yea i would want to start one be looking for one for a while now
What type of cars?


I’m down. I say… A and s1 rwd or fwd only
Add me xxdrew723xx

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Yea man rwd or fwd cars from A to s2 no awd cars

is this “ohSnap” from oldschool xbox need for speed underground days??? If so hit me UP man…its Gavin… LoudCloud 33 is my tag now, but you prolly remember me as Lil G3369 or LuckyG or maybe Gavin iz wack… anyway I been wondering if any of the old crew plays anymore but dont know anyones tags. (AceNos, Obliv, the rollin 20’s or any of my old Provokin Jealousy people)

My crew and I race and cruise almost everyday to get our tunes bang on… Add me on Everlastings.

I would love to do this with you guys! The idea of having a crew that isnt full of noobs and people who drive as fast as the speed of light at all times is awesome! I love drags, rolls, cruises, meets and races. I race clean and fair and need some friends since i got the game 3 days ago. I have a sick car collection and def have a need for speed. And im a huge GTR fan as i have one in real life and would be so down to be friends with people who love them as well. Add me in game: Ppatel0591

Yea man add me, SAVA6E ANARCHY new to horizon 2 but I’ve played all the other forza games

Add me in this! xSickxScopesx

Ill do it :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking for that too. love street race my rwd muscle but am tiered of trying to out run 10 year olds with awd cars that ram you if they can win the race.