Rubbering in & marble in single player

GT7 has rubbering in (i think) anyone reckon that we will get something like this in fm8?

(rubbering in is when the rubber has been laid into the track and allows for more grip)
(Mable are small bits of rubber that have been torn from the tyres and end up off the racing line and cause for less grip)

I thought there was mention of evolving track

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Rubbering in has been confirmed for the upcoming FM.

Big fan of getting my rubber in

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It would be nice to have this in the builders cup and other single player races rather than just free play.

Knowing that we do have rubbering in now in FM, I would also like to see this enabled in single player content, as well as adding marbles as part of track evolution; bonus points if they can affect grip and force feedback as well, since they’re purely visual in GT7.