My rivals is only showing one vip event but is showing that two are available. Anyone else having the same problems

Yep same here. Also ForzaRC says 5 but only shows 4 and Featured Events says 8 but only shows 5.

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This is usually a signal (affecting everyone equally) that an event has been prepped and awaiting release. Check back tomorrow etc.

Well it has been like 3 or 4 days now when I first noticed more have been included since I first noticed the increase, it was just the Feactured events saying 6 when only 5 were actuall in the list now it is up to 8 and still only 5 and still no new rivals just the word new with the incorrect number of events, they should get better organised. This is just another minor problem in a long list of minor problems and truth be told is starting to weare a bit thin.

I like the Forza games spend hours and hours playing them from Horizon 1 all the way to Forza 7, 6 games in total with all Download content and never has there been so many niggly problems cropping up from game not loading, CTD, cars missing from the Specialty Dealer, Forzathon fails to servers constently going down, As well as Constent disconects from Leagues just as a race starts or during the race. Lots and lots of small problems. If things were fixed this game would be Epic.

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so the new rivals…

i have try these…set up x lap time in on the first session on each rivals…
the next day try improve lap time…managed to do so…but it does not update better lap time on the rival…on any of these… ;(