Rivals LB's Not Updating?

I got FM6 about a week ago, and thought I’d give the B class rivals a try with some of my lobby cars.

I was surprised to see that after a few laps around each track I could usually get a relatively comfortable top 50 spot in the world, which made me think that the leaderboards are not updating, as none of the laps felt hugely quick. Anyway, they are my own tunes, and my tunes are hardly the best out there.

Could anyone explain this?

Well …maybe you ARE that good Wesley!! I know that Forza’s servers have been really stressed since the rel of FM6–so perhaps they are not keeping up with the leaderboards. Hell, I can’t even OPEN the leaderboards in Horizon 2. (“server error”)

Well, I ended up way into the top of most of the A class LB’s on FM4, but couldn’t get the FM5 physics down, so it surprised me that I was that high up the FM6 scale. I wondered if a lot of guys had put quick laps in but the LB’s hadn’t updated themselves, making it look like I was better than I am. The thing that made me twig was that I was apparently the quickest AC Cobra on Bathurst by over 2 seconds.