Retro, I'm Back!

well this place is a bit empty but I’ll be getting some fresh paint down and cleaning up some of the old stuff.

watch this space!

Yes! Welcome to the section with the lowest rate of activity! In the world!

Really, it’s pretty dead, but it’s great to see some old faces around! :slight_smile:

well I’m sticking here, not enough old cars in that new game!

1973 Sebring 12 Hours Leldon Blackwell Racing Corvette

GetPhoto by CGC Retro, on Flickr

GetPhoto (1) by CGC Retro, on Flickr

Hey mate! I’m going to have to dust off FM4 to get some of these new works. Really cool mate. I knew you would be back.

Nice to see ou back Retro, and bit dead in this section though lool so hop we can get it up a bit :slight_smile:
Vette is looking good :slight_smile:

The Vette is looking great! Gonna pick it up when I’m back home. :wink:

Very nice indeed! its a shame i don’t have a 360, I’d be picking this up in a heartbeat.