Restricting seasonals to online is insanity

Many of us are unable to play games online. Even those who do have a good internet, cannot play forza online because of the already-well-known connection issue. Then why on earth are some of the seasonal challenges restricted to online modes? Like playground games and co-op championships. Not being able to do 90-100% on each season prevents us from being able to win the festival playlist rewards(which uses points combined over 4 seasons).
By the way support already said they won’t help with the connectivity issue and that they “are already aware of it”.

Is this how they treat people who pay for their game? Pirates probably got all cars straight away without this hassle and play with zero problems. All I wanted was a few cars featured in playlist rewards…

My game is crashing since last month and only seems to work with the internet completely disconnected and support isn’t helping either. My save even got corrupted after crashing so much, I wonder if the crashes are related to the connection issues you mentioned.

I think the video card drivers might be it. This is happening to a lot of people in fm7 and it was solved by installing a much older nvidia driver.

Changing the drivers does not help. Why would Nvidia drivers make the game crash only when starting online anyway? makes no sense since the game seems to work normally offline.

Might not make sense but worked in fm7. Can confirm that back then the crashing happened only when doing multiplayer and freeplay

Strange, but anyway i didn’t even update my drivers before it started crashing, and after trying different drivers it didn’t help either.
One guy that is having the same problem actually completely reinstalled Windows 5 diferrent times and the game still crashes and in another topic a guy on XBOX is reporting that his game is crashing when starting connected to the internet too.

You realize this is why they released the Horizon Backstage Pass right…now all you need to do is achieve 50% completion for the entire month and you get 1 “exclusive car of your choosing”…so over 12 months that’s 12 cars.

But if you’re doing the weeklys that add-up to that 50% then you’re also going to start accumulating wheel spins and forzathon points, which is another way to get exclusive cars.


It doesn’t stop you from getting anything except the 100% seasons + series achievements, I don’t know if you’re including rivals + online adventure but even without them 50% is attainable every week + overall series and backstage pass + the new exclusives will both be available for just doing that.

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You missed the point. Why cant we have two or three more events that doesnt require online playing??? why everything needs to be so tight? lol. Something i will never understand.

I dont like playing online (i hate the way playground games are designed, and i usually dont like the trial unless i have a very good tuned car and doesnt happen most of the times, i also hate online adventure…) and still im forced to do them in order to reach 80%. More than that, in the trial you need to win yes or yes to count to the playlist. I really dont care about the backstage pass, it is just a car, that you can even get in other ways, like wheelspin or forzathon, what really bothers me is that we dont have variety of events to chose from.

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Lots of us don’t like online adventure but stomaching 1 every 4 weeks isn’t asking much, you can do team adventure and only potentially be there for just 2 races and it’s done, 1 lap in rivals and there’s 2 things + 20 odd percent done already for all 4 seasons.

It’s also very easy just doing what others do to win the trial, getting in a decent team that can win it for you, there’s always at least 1 person in my team every week who either can’t or doesn’t attempt to contribute but still ends up with the same prize + completion as everyone who does.

The amount of time you waste aimlessly wandering around the world while waiting for online adventure + the trial to initiate is the worst part and games aren’t needed for 80%, even games + trial isn’t if you do all the championships (which don’t require any interaction with other players).

I don’t defend this game easily believe me.

my point exactly. I have to go out of my way to do some nutty upgrades(which I hate doing) on cars to get through the seasonal pr challenges. Heck even then I pull my hair out. After going through all that, it’s disappointing to be unable to claim both rewards in the series. I wish the monthly rivals would change to weekly rivals or something. The way I am going now, without any online play, I will have to stop at the backstage pass…

I don’t play online, and I have every car in the game apart from the banned ones. The 80% reward cars are old releases.


Thanks for all the replies. I wasn’t aware of the 50% backstage thing.
And as for old releases, I wasn’t around back then to get those. So this is my only way.

Can someone tell me more about backstage? Is it one car per pass? Do I get a pass for 50% on series? How long do the cars stay there? I want to get a treuno now. When will it come to backstage or auction?

…and the auction house.

The way Backstage works, as best as I understand it, is every week we vote on which car is added to the Backstage. They have already had a number of votes to add cars there to build up a little selection. You have to complete 50% of the series not just the season. So it is impossible to earn it in just this first week, but entirely possible once next week rolls around. Once you reach 50% of the entire series, you earn 1 Backstage pass. It does not have to be spent til you decide it. So if you have every car already there, or none appeal to you, you can hold it to see the next options.

Each pass allows you to select one car from the Backstage, a car that you currently do not have. It does not allow for duplicates. As far as I know, once a car is in the Backstage, it stays there. I don’t know which cars are there presently but I can check later. If you are in the game before then, you can look it up on your main menu, it’s in the first tab, the right-most pane. Hope this helps. Am open to corrections should anyone know more/better.


thanks I checked it. For now there is one car I want in there. And if I’m lucky, the 1965 gto will win and get added as well. But what I want the most is a Trueno. I already missed that car a few times before(in seasonals). I made a new thread asking people to sell me one. If you have a trueno to spare, can you give me?

Nobody will easily sell you a Trueno, because I just sold one in less than 1 second… your talking 0.1 seconds.

hahaha I had no idea how popular that thing is.

btw, aside from the seasonal championships and seasonal pr stunts, what else counts towards completion of season and series challenge?

The events that earn points toward the seasonal and series events are as follows:

Photo challenge…3%
Weekly Forzathon…15%
Daily Forzathon…7% (1% for each challenge, 3 days to complete each challenge)
The Trial (online)…7%
Playground Games (online)…7%
PR Stunt Danger Sign…6%
PR Stunt Speed Trap…7%
PR Stunt Speed Zone…7%
Championship Event 1…7%
Championship Event 2…7%
Championship Event 3…6%

Rivals Event…6%
Online Adventure (online)…15%

So while the Online Adventure essentially counts for 15% of each weekly tally, it is still entirely possible to get 65% through just the weekly challenges plus an additional 6% for the Rivals event.

Thank you, Betinhogvz for the percentage breakdown