Seasonal Winter MAP Challenges not awarding seasonal rewards for CO-OP max difficulty

Hi all,

I couldn’t see this posted anywhere else. If it is, apologies.

Seasonal Winter MAP Challenges - “Astmoor Heritage Circuit” & “Beach View Cross Country” have failed to award the SEASONAL rewards upon winning this week, in COOP mode, UNBEATABLE difficulty.

The other 2 (Moorhead Rally Trail , Arthur’s Seat Cross Country) worked fine I have trophies showing on the map for those in exhibition and seasonal championship.

We won 3:0 against AI in Astmoor Heritage Circuit Super Saloon Class A, and the other was a definite win (I repeated it twice).
The super spins weren’t awarded - the difficulty was set to unbeatable and I started the event in both cases.

As the celebration screen ends and it shows the emotes/dances with cars in the background, it returns to Forza Live - except it’s not connected any more.
It’s in offline mode, and then you have to wait for it to find a new session, and it carries on as if the last championship never took place.
This happend in Autumn to me as well. It also means the person/people you just raced with are no longer in your session.

I don’t know if this is an isolated case, but it’s happened to me in all 3 seasons since early-release.

So it means you win the challenge and don’t receive any reward, aside from normal race rewards.

Has anyone else had this experience?


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