Reservorio Sprint event lab checkpoint bug

Hey, lately i been encountering a weird checkpoint bug when creating event labs on this track, if you select create route, and then turn left just as you start driving, into the tight little u shaped road, which then leads out onto the airfield, the game will automatically place down a checkpoint in that corner, even though you did not place it there, and the kicker is, that the game will place it just to the right off the driving line, so the AI will miss the checkpoint over and over.
It has happended twice now in 2 days, first time i thought it was a mistake on my part, but today it happended again, and i did not put down a checkpoint in that place, to make sure this did not happen again, but it did.
I had to scrap 2 tracks because of this, mehh…
Anyone else had this problem perhaps ?
I play on Xbox One X.