[REQUESTS']General Livery and Logo Requests

In searching i have found many threads requesting this and that. But not one central place that painters and the rest of us can go to see what’s been requested for. So i thought i would start this thread. As I can design simple things, but am lacking the time, patience, and talent; that so many others on this game have. So anyone with requests feel free to post them here, and those with the talent can search in one spot instead of having to blow through this whole section.

Here’s my first request for anyone willing to try this, looking for just the Logo and also possibly a Livery on the new Camaro Z28 incorporating this Logo and car number 7. http://valentinedistilling.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/logo_03.png
Thanks in advance to anyone who attempts this.


I need some race vinils like Subaru sti and race sticks.

Thanks in advance

Id: i x i turboxan


Search my gamer tag I’ve got loads of high quality logos, I can change them to any colour you want on request

Hey dude, are these cool to use as part of my own design? I’m doing a few Nissans at the moment but suck at making real world logos. Can I upload my finalised design using your Nismo logos? I can give cred in the descriptions.

EDIT: Nevermind, just downloaded and locked. Some real nice logos you have made though!!

Heres a better shot of the design i would love to have but do not have the talent to

I’m wondering if anyone is up for painting this Clay Regazzoni paint scheme on the Ferrari 312T2?

Every Layer group you download will be locked - there is no unlocked these days.

& Daylight, I quite like the pin up girl you have posted, ideally would have a much bigger source image to work from. I’ve got a couple of things on the go just now but will bear it in mind for the future & let you know if I have anything worth sharing.

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Thanks DamMe and thanks AB for that little tip on getting started on doing logos

No worries Daylight - just so you know, I haven’t forgotten about this. I found a larger pick of the girl (but with grey stockings). I’ve made a start on it, sort of doing bits on her when I can - still a lot to do in the game between, career, leagues and rivals - so progress may seem slow - although hopefully have something to show you by the end of this weekend. I will likely paint her with the grey stockings - but if you prefer the one pictured, could try and replicate that look after.



Ah I see. Looks like I may have to go through some tutorials as I officially suck at making real logos. Haha.

Have you tried making any decals previously at all?

If not, then i’d really suggest you try this…


  1. Want to learnt to create a logo, but not sure where to begin?
  2. Purchase a car with a large side space (eg Ford Transit Van) or the Roof space of a BMW Mini is personal choice.
  3. In add layer mode, got to Manufacturer logos and select one that you’d like to replicate and paste on to the side of Vehicle.
  4. Place a large square vinyl over the side/roof and turn the opacity down to 80-90% in black or white so you can still see the decal underneath. Any colour is fine as long as you can see the vinyl underneath.
  5. Using the ingame vinyl shapes (Tutorial coming) get used to ‘tracing’ the shape using only the vinyls.
    NOTE: Don’t worry about the edges too much now as you can go into art board mode and tidy up to make them crisper.
  6. Start with the straight edges, Quarter Circles, Semi Circle or Circle. They tend to be in most cases the most used shapes.
  7. Gradually work your way around the logo however feels comfortable, but use skew and rotate to achieve the best results.
  8. Once you have the logo done, highlight all your layers (or if wish each character etc) and then SAVE… don’t forget this last stage!

In time you will pick up what shapes works best and can then begin to move into creating custom fonts and logos.

All I would say is a little bit of time goes a long way into having a good strong set of decals, it wont happen instantly to get to the level of the veterans but we all started here at one point in time so stick with it and ask for help / advice when struggling.

Good luck


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Some top tips here. Nice one. Will give it a whirl when I next get on! Thanks man!

Hi, I have been trying to find some rat rods. Can anyone design this 39 Ford?