Requests For painters

Hey guys, does anyone still really make paints on FM4? if so i have quite a few requests.

Nikos Antoniou’s max spec kp60 on The dodge onmi
Team Pony Drifts 6666 foxbody Mustang (all black one)
Xenikos Nassos’s sr20 Lada on the fiat abarth (preferably the all orange paint)
Alm motorsports Dekkskift S2 Quattro on the audi quattro
Timo Pilhava’s pontiac trans am
Pawel trela opel gt on the saturn sky
Juha rintanens s14
Rintanen drift teams celica gt four

You want all of them at once ?

i’ll take as many of them as you can do buddy :slight_smile:

Learn to paint yourself, start small like I did in forza 3 I started painting simple classic car race paint, then work your way up as you get better and better at it.

Any source pictures?

which one dyou want the pictures of first?
the rintanten s14 and celica will be the most difficult, ive see the 14 on the storefront before but i cant find the account that uploaded it now :frowning:

I don’t really do a lot of replica paints, but if it’s a nice paint, might be tempted to have a go. So as many pictures of each car as possible.

If I were to paint any of them, they wouldn’t be sold to you unlocked, just fyi.

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Nikkos Antonious Starlet

Xenikos Nassos’s Lada 2105

Pawel Trela’s Opel

Juha rintanens S14 & rintanen racing’s celica

Pony Drift Mustang

Timo’s Pontiac apologies for the lack of pictures for this one

Dekkskift Quattro