REQUEST: Formula Drift WORTHOUSE S15's

Hi, with the recent addition of the Nissan S15 Horizon Edition car to my garrage, I have been searching for a good replica of the soon to be Worthouse FD liveries.

I was wondering if anyone would be up for tackling these beauties, or one of them ofcourse.

You can check out these post for more information about the cars and their drivers, as well as for some different images.

Thanks in advance


I swear I saw this design in a lobby I was in today, but it could haven been the non HE version of the car. If no one else is willing I will definitely give it a go. I just finished up a turn 14 BRZ on my storefront. This one looks challenging but I love designing so I’ll do it. If someone else wants to, Go for it!

Someone already created it under the Worthouse S15 name. It was entered in last week’s livery contest. It was for the HE.

Really? I honestly couldnt find them when I searched for liveries…

My mistake then :slight_smile:

GT: Lertzu96
Car: 2000 Nissan Silvia spec R horizon edition
Filename: Worthouse

I may tackle this one for fun this weekend. I can throw it on the HE or the normal S15. Let me know if you’d prefer either or a totally different car/design. In need of a design to make haha