replay issues after todays update

all replays are now somekind of wierd…the whole driver-field is stuttering from time to time & and watching them is not very enjoyable.

can anyone of you guys can check themselves if only it’s only me or if it’s a general problem after the update? all replays, no matter if online or ai-race, ran smooth till that point:-(

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I’m having this same issue. Doesn’t change regardless of camera view. Unwatchable!

thx, khaos…so i am not alone.

and stuttering maybe is not describing it correctly…the cars are leaving their line from left to right, not much but disturbing enough for me.

first i thought “ok, the might have been lags in the lobby that caused this behaviour”, but as i said, i noticed it also in ai-races:-(

Turn the Xbox Ones “instant on” mode off and restart the console. Alternatively you can press and hold the power button for a few seconds, which will fully restart the console. Or you can turn off the console leaving “instant on” turned on, but you would have to pull the plug from the console, or turn off at the wall outlet the X1 is plugged into.

Edit: The console will take a little longer to turn on, so dont be alarmed if you dont see anything for a few seconds.


ialyrn…you are a golden boy for me!

your solution made my replays smooth as butter again:-) the ones with the issues are still wacky, but the new replays all have the old quality (mp&ai), yesss!

something 'bout cache, yes? tt…top-tip:-)

I haven’t played for a week or two and upon watching several replays tonight the car seems to glitch or skip every second. Restarted Xbox to ensure nothing running in the background and still there. Admittedly I only tired Bathurst track but three different cars.

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If you have “instant on” mode turned on in the Xbox ones settings, turn it off and then restart the xbox. Alternatively you can just turn the Xbox one off as you normally do, and then just pull the plug for the X1 from the socket; or press and hold the X1’s power button for a few seconds. This has been brought up a few times over the past few days, and this seems to resolve the issue.

I wanted to know if other people like me are the problem on the video replay da limit in career mode, I’ve noticed yesterday, the video is not smooth at all.
if anyone knows where the problem come from? because I did not have this problem before, thank you.
Help! someone has a solution because it Gave me bad.
If I reinstall the game is that I lose all my achievements (backup driver level car purchased in the game)?
To see the problem I put a video sharing in the game
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Mentioned yesterday a couple of times. Do a full shutdown of your console (either disable instant on and shutdown, or hold power button and unlplug for 30 seconds to be sure)

Windows based OSes tend to build up junk and need to be fully rebooted on a regular basis. The default setting for the console never fully turns it off. It’s just a standby mode.

Cheers although sounds like something that requires a fix. I guess the real question is it a forza or OS fix. Sounds like OS

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If it requires an Xbox reset, it is most likely a cache issue. Hopefully in the update coming next week or in March for the Xbox One they will have an option to clear cache.

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Hello all,

If anyone is still experiencing this issue, can you please if possible upload a video clip of the issue occurring to Skydrive via Upload Studio or to YouTube.

Thank you

cool thank you for the tip it works again.

So, it started off with the replays spasing out, now, memory glitches out and screwed with my dlc; all of my DLC! What is going on? I’m old so I’m already thinking conspiracy! T10?

Unsure about the dlc problem but there’s a few threads about the replays.

Turn “instant on,” off, shut the console off, then turn it back on, then turn on instant on again.

Or, shut the console off and unplug it for a few seconds.

Or, hold the power until the console restarts itself.

The console will take its sweet time booting back up but it should fix the replays and, if you’re lucky, maybe the dlc problem too.

What is the problem with your dlc anyways?