Replay Echo

Replays seem to have a strong echo effect, almost like you’re listening to cars inside of a tunnel or something, which is quite disorienting and removes the crispness of the cars in open track environments.

Whilst some echo and reverberation is good, at present it creates a heavy and persistent drone which is off-putting.

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Yep, it is a little over the top. Even while racing, cars sound more like they’re in a tincan or tunnel, rather than under an open sky.

Reminds me of Drive Club’s car sounds.

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Finally now I know it’s not just me.

Same issue. Replays only. All cars sound like they’re in a tunnel. I made a post too.

It’s not just during replays. It’s very apparent at all times. The sound effects in this game are very obnoxious and over the top. The added reverb makes it that much worse and unrealistic.

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Just giving this topic a bump.

Replay echo is still ever present on xboz and driving me nuts!