Reinstate the 4 points per season for the Monthly rivals?

Why on earth they removed us getting 4 points per season for the monthly rivals I don’t know, I would say most players are not happy about it, so it needs to be reinstated it wasn’t actually broke so why change it, there are plenty of other issues that actually need fixing so please fix them instead,

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Seconded. Emphatically.


I agree. Nothing was broken on this one.
Festival Playlist was introduced in FH4 in March 2019. And it offered us the same points every week all this time.
And it did not give us anything negative and did not destroy the game balance.

Many app developers and internet engineers mess up by “fixing” things that aren’t broken.

This “fix” feels similar to that.
Don’t “fix” what isn’t broken.



what me concern is the waste of development resources on things nobody complain about…


As a casual player (maybe 6 to 8 hours gaming a week, with several games I want to play) with pretty much no intention of getting into online multiplayer this is a real kick in the teeth; it’s a good thing I’m not too bothered about the reward cars, because the points from the monthly rivals make a big difference in the chance of getting anything.
It wouldn’t have been so bad if it had been changed to 4 points per week but only if you run a clean lap every week.


I totally agree with you

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You can get all cars without doing multiplayer except rivals once a month with maybe one exception: second car of series. Chances are that you already have it.

Reason why 4 points per season is too much is that’s twice the amount of points you get from PR stunt and almost as many points as you get from championship or weekly with minimal effort. After all, all you have to do is set clean lap time. Speed and time are irrelevant.

I, too, think it is wrong to lower the Rivals 4 points per Season. Emphatically.


You’re assuming that I can reliably beat the Championships :slight_smile:


Utterly idiotic to change this.

Another vote for reverting this decision!


Absolutely ridiculous and petty that they did this, especially that they pretended it was a bug that needed fixing. But this is exactly what happens when a developer doesn’t respect the players.


But for PR stunts and championships you get points plus a reward like a SWS, car, clothing etc. while you get nothing except points for your rivals time so it’s pretty obvious you have to get more points for that relative to other activities. If they had removed some points and added an extra reward in return it would be OK.

And I think 4 seasonal points are about the same ratio as the percentage for rivals was in FH4 and I’ve never heard any claims that this was too much until now.


I sent a ticket about as soon as it started - usual - it’s your fault, unsave, resave, delete game, reinstall rubbish.
Replied with a no - it’s your issue at your end - still not fixed.
Golded everything up till now - still missing the points.

I remember the carried over points being discussed on the forum, all it was a dissuasion about the rivals points being 4 points for each season, I’m wondering if they saw the discussion and interpreted it as being about a bug and that’s why they changed because I cant imagine anyone reporting it as a bug, so maybe it serves as a warning to be careful what and how we post on here, just a thought.

Its pretty much done as a ploy to get people who play offline only to come back everyday so that they can unlock the second car every week. For instance, I’m trying to get the Mustang Mach 1 this week that I missed out on a few months ago. It is possible to get it this time around, but completing every solo event is required to get it, including six out of seven daily challenges from the Forzathon. Had the Rivals event provided out the usual three points a week, I would’ve had the Mustang by Saturday night. Instead, I won’t be able to get it until Monday night.

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They change things that take away from the fun of the game. They take away super wheelspins, they take away season points. It doesn’t matter if we get many points or many wheelspins. Well actually it does. The more fun we have playing the more likely we are to keep playing.

They don’t fix the things that are obviously broken that ACTUALLY do take away from the fun of the game.

Put “game” back in the game.