Series 9 Monthly Rivals&Forza EV problem

The reward for the Monthly Rivals and Forza EV races are supposed to be 4 points each (8 in total), but I only got 1 point for each race, totalling in only 2 points, and the races are marked as “Complete”…
Why does it say that I will get 4 points for completing it, but I actually got only 1 point?

You get 1 point per week = 4 points each.

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Oh, so its different now

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To explain it the way the franchise means it…

" The monthly chores are something you do once, for the month, for the points listed, but we’ll just give you 1/4 of the points each week/season, because reasons. "

Ignoring the time they had a monthly chore that was worth 3 points, before they changed it to this new math, when it used to be 4 points EACH season (16 points total) for doing it once, because that was apparently a “bug” which nobody reported or complained about for years that they finally managed to “fix”…

…and that’s the story. Aren’t ya glad ya asked ? The more you know !