Regarding Forza Edition Cars:

In FH3 these were truly special. They’re still super hard to obtain and there were over 40 to collect. Horizon 4 has only a little over half that. Not to mention they’re super cheap on the auction house, the majority of them can be picked up for a little over 100K credits. In Horizon 3, The minimum buyout price was literally 5.5 MILLION. There’s also even smaller stuff that annoys me, like how the name was changed from “Horizon Edition” to “Forza Edition”. Why? What warranted this name change? It makes no sense now from a story standpoint. There’s also the post-launch Horizon Edition cars that came to Horizon 3. It’s been over a year, and none of the tens of cars added have been Horizon Editions. Dataminers found two added into the code, but not in the game, one being the Sesto Elemento (the other i can’t remember) but that was a very long time ago and there’s no evidence of them ever coming. I made a list of Horizon Edition cars i’d love to see added, if not in this game, maybe in a future title. I also took advantage of the skills bonus they feature, some being references to movies/shows/games they were in, others having straight-up Easter eggs on them. Also, i’d focus on the ones being added realistic, within the context of the Horizon Festival actually being able to obtain and modify them. The Nissan GTR LM Nismo is literally a 1 of 1 car, how’d they manage to get that? Guess that absurdity means the exact cars aren’t canon in the first place, so take my ideas with a grain of salt.

1969 Dodge Charger R/T
A-800 Class Upgrade & Air Skills Boost
Easter Egg: Has a pair of cowboy boots in the backseat

2002 Nissan Skyline GTR V-Spec II
S1-900 Class Upgrade & Speed Skills Boost

1974 Lancia Stratos HF Stradale
A-800 Class Upgrade & Air Skills Boost

2021 Toyota Supra GR
S1-900 Class Upgrade & Drift Skills Boost

1985 Toyota Trueno
A-800 Class Upgrade & Drift Skills Boost
Easter Egg: This car’s default livery has “Horizon Festival” logo written in Japanese in place of Initial D’s Tofu shop logo

2018 McLaren Senna (has a Horizon Festival UK sticker on the interior dashboard)
X-999 Class Upgrade & Speed Skills Boost
Easter Egg: Has a Horizon Festival UK 2018 sticker on the interior dashboard

1969 Pontiac GTO Judge
A-800 Class Upgrade & Burnout Skills Boost

2002 Enzo Ferrari
S2-998 Class Upgrade & Speed Skills Boost

2011 Bugatti Veyron SS
S2-998 Upgrade & Speed Skills Boost

2014 Terradyne Gurkha LAPV
B-700 Class Upgrade & Destruction Skills Boost

1997 Honda Civic Type-R
B-700 Class Upgrade & Near Miss Skills Boost

1999 Lamborghini Diablo SV
S1-900 Class Upgrade & Credits Boost
Easter Egg: Krash Max DVD case on the dashboard. The car will make a subtle, quick grinding noise when shifting into third gear.

1992 Honda NSX R
A-800 Class Upgrade & Drift Skills Boost

2003 Honda S2000
A-800 Class Upgrade & Credits Boost

2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
A-800 Class Upgrade & Air Skills Boost

1962 Peel P50
A-800 Class Upgrade & Skills Boost

1975 Ford Bronco
B-700 Class Upgrade & Destruction Skills Boost
Easter Egg: Football Glove on top of glove compartment (too controversial, or…?)

1971 Plymouth Cuda 426 Hemi
A-800 Class Upgrade & Burnout Skills Boost

2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STI
A-800 Class Upgrade & Credits Boost

2003 Volkswagen Golf R32
S1-900 Class Upgrade & Skills Boost

2005 Ford GT
S1-900 Class Upgrade & Near Miss Skills Boost

2010 Lexus LFA S1-900 Class Upgrade & Influence Boost
S1-900 Class Upgrade & Influence Boost
Easter Egg: Little angel figure hanging from the rearview mirror.

1971 Meyers Manx
C-600 Class Upgrade & Air Skills Boost

1969 Nissan Fairlady Z
C-600 Class Upgrade & Influence Skills Boost

2014 Porsche 918 Spyder
S2-998 Class Upgrade & Speed Skills Boost

2013 Audi R8 Coupe V10
S1-900 Class Upgrade & Influence Boost

1995 Volkswagen Corrado VR6
B-700 Class Upgrade & Credits Boost
Easter Egg: In Forzavista, the message “Take care of this one! -Dak” is written in sharpie on the engine cover.

There was only about 32 Horizon Edition cars in FH3, one of them being linked to the BM expansion, which is only about 10 more than FH4. I’m not aware of any post launch HE cars added besides the Ram with the BM expansion. What other one are there?

Horizon Edition are hard to find in FH3 because it’s an old game and they were mainly available through Forzathons, which have stopped. They’re still given away easily in FH4.

The GTR LM + 8C are the only ones worth using and that’s if you get them early, otherwise the rest are only useful the very odd time when the weekly Forzathon’s car division includes them and there is a skill point based objective, maybe at an absolute push the skills boost ones if you’re that desperate to quickly get some skill points.

Other than influence boost I can’t really see how they could implement them better or encourage more use of them either, FE only events would still render most of them useless.

Maybe just remove them entirely in the next game, it wouldn’t be a huge loss.

FE cars in FH4 has unique upgrades that regular variants cant access. Most of them access to racing slicks that regular variants cant access. Some of them has more downforce especially the Ford Transit FE. Nissan Titan FE access to softer suspensions. Ford Capri FE has offroad tyres. Chevrolet Nova FE and Pagani Zonda R Fe access to thicker tyres then regular Nova and Zonda R.

Not all of them gets an unique upgrades but at least they get skills boost.

The name was changed from Horizon Edition to Forza Edition, because they also made special versions of cars for Forza Motorsport, which were called Forza Edition.


I like the FE cars, and my most used car in the entire game is the Alfa Romeo Giulia FE.

Thanks for reminding me it’s the Giulia with influence boost and not the 8C.

Is that officially your most used car or what you think is? I wouldn’t trust the in-game one as mine says it’s a Huracan which I haven’t drove since my 1st few weeks playing the game when it released.

It’s definitely my most used car, I do 3 laps of the Goliath and get 120,000 influence most days.

FE cars are less factor in FH4 because they’re given away like candy and the bonuses suck. In FH3 it was very useful to have a Viper for Goliath grind and a Supra/M3/Challenger for drifting.

In FH4 however the most useful FE cars are:

  • 2013 BMW M6 with drift bonus
  • 1988 BMW M5 with influence bonus (makes it easier to grind levels on Street Scene)

Cash bonus cars were greatly nerfed. Speed cars are ok on the highway but somewhat unreliable.

Still, due to this game’s upgrade tree for every car system, many regular cars are plain better at farming skills. The 1982 911/Fairlady Z432 are cheap and good to farm money with. The Hoonicorn is almost equivalent to the M6 in farming skill points. Most Legendary cars give good influence bonuses when fully upgraded. So FE cars are just for bragging rights. Very rarely they have unique options.

I’d rather not have FE cars at all and have more customization options available for the base cars. FE cars always were ways for Turn10 to artificially boost the car count in game, but now that we are back above 700 cars it feels unnecessary to have them. Don’t get me wrong I like the ford Capri FE because it changed from cult classic to rally monster and allows it to race against more interesting opponents in single player. But otherwise I couldn’t care less for the FE cars.

My perfect Forza horizon would offer rewards for completing milestones in game with no time limits. Like unlocking special upgrades for the 69 Charger for completing a jump over a certain distance and landing it. For instance you could add window mesh, a 440 six pack, rally suspension and skid plates with BFG white letter tires.

Or you could win a special car for completing a championship like racing the vintage Bugatti unlocks the Bugatti Divo.

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I had the idea that in FH5 you could upgrade any car to FE status by buying it in skills for perhaps £20M.

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