Receiving a gift should show whether the car has a custom tune or livery

What kind of “thank you” message I want to send can change a lot, depending on whether I’ve been sent a stock Common car, or a car that has an interesting tune or livery on it. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know which it is, until after you’ve accepted the gift.

So, the car info you see when you open the gift should have indicators for that.

Eh, but it’s supposed to be a surprise gift right?

…Yes, and?

You have received the gift. You have been surprised. The game has now revealed the contents of the crate. It tells you the make and model of the car, and (if they signed it) who sent it. It just doesn’t tell you whether it has a custom tune or livery, and you can’t find out until you’ve already sent (or not sent) the thank you note.

To be absolutely clear, I’m not asking for this to appear in the message telling you that you have the option to receive a gift. I’m asking for it to appear in the existing car info screen that appears after you receive the gift, but before you select a thank you note option.

Here’s the flow: you get a notification about a gift → you go to a barn to pick it up → the contents of the gift is revealed [livery/tune indicator goes here] → you choose what note to send.


I’m sorry, I misunderstood your original post. I thought you meant before even accepting it.
I agree having a better insight and thus being able to provide a better message would be an improvement. Too bad having a free text field would introduce the possibility of misuse as well but I would love to enter my own thank you message.