Rate The Paint Above You

Rate The Paint Above You

Welcome to the rate the paint above you thread! I remember that this was a pretty cool thread back on the old forums and so why not start it up over here? This will be the best place for instantaneous and honest feedback, now how does it work? Well when a person posts they will post 1-2 Photos Only of their car. The next person to post will Not Quote the person above them he will just rate the car on a 1-10 scale and give a few sentences as to why he thinks that rating is justified. So here’s an example of how to do it.

8/10. The car had limited stock font, an interesting base and really good custom logos however I thought that the bodywork could have been better executed.

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So now that we all know how to do it please:
No Hate Rating
1-2 Picture Limit
Be Concise
Limit Conversion

Well, I might as well go first…I hope that this catches on.
Jaguar E-Type Linder Knocker

forza102 by Ace Ventura LeMans, on Flickr

forza100 by Ace Ventura LeMans, on Flickr

Rate 9/10

Love this car, and you’ve done a fantastic job, the only mark down you get is that the bolts should have maybe just been a bit more transparent, that said with a silver livery I understand that it’s a fine line between too dark and too light! I’ll be downloading it shortly!

Audi R18 Sony Xperia Z1

Hoping this does catch on, if not me and Ace can just kiss each others *** for a few days!


love the colours, and the logos are very crisp and clear. Ill be showing this off round Spa later.

now for mine, someone needs to take the low marks lol:

Australian touring car icon - 1993 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec


The car looks really awesome, a design that I love and I think you have done it justice. Only taking off points for what looks like a stock Shell logo. Other than that, very nice.

Well Skyline, looks like we aren’t the only ones.

Zakspeed Ford Escort DRM Nurburgring 1976

forza114 by Ace Ventura LeMans, on Flickr

forza118 by Ace Ventura LeMans, on Flickr


I really can’t fault your designs Ace, they are quality!

I only have a handful of paints so I will only use the best ones…

2012 Nismo 370Z RC

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Had a close look over the car and can’t find a fault great work here the paint flows well with the car and the logo work is quality
We’ll done sir a well deserved t10 select

Honda civic 2004 civic cup replica t10 select

image by djalkoholik, on Flickr

image by djalkoholik, on Flickr

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10/10 keeping the theme going lol… DJ the mech work is very detailed and appears to be flawless, all custom logo work and the colors are perfect.

enjuku GT-R… made the vinyls for a 240 I’m working on which will be killer but for now I figured I’d test them out on another model… let me know what you think!

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Very detailed, good work overall
Yokohama themed BRZ. Not really based off anything. Right now I’m working on an old N2 AE86 inspired GT86

5/10… I feel so harsh, but hopefully you’ll appreciate some constructive feedback!

Colour scheme wise I think you’ve got something good, and I do really like the wheels. The downsides really are the logo’s, as there’s no custom work, and they don’t really ‘sit’ right on the car. Practise making some more detailed logo’s and using less stock fonts, everything else detail wise will follow I promise! The main thing is perseverance, we all started somewhere, and trust me I started off in a much worse place than you did!

Also @Ace, we definitely aren’t the only ones!

Next from me, Levi’s Jeans Dodge Viper SRT-10

Keep it coming guys and gals!

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10/10 Says it all really,great use of colour and logos spot on.

My Lous Esprite Race Original

You logos are all well done and nice color scheme.
Mazda 787 petronas

9/10, great base paint and the logos are very accurate. nice clean design

Here’s my original Cobra Beer Ferrari

9.5/10 Sketch. The Ferrari is really cool mate, I love the base design, the sweeping curving paints are really nice and you used the body lines very well. My only grip is that it seems a tad busy but your logos are so good that it doesn’t seem to matter much. Overall, very good.

Molson Beer NSX (Original)

forza39 by Ace Ventura LeMans, on Flickr

forza40 by Ace Ventura LeMans, on Flickr

9.5/10 Molsen NSX
Livery is crisp and clean. A not surprising result. Great job.

Here’s is my latest attempt. 2008 BMW M3 Turner Racing

7/10 The base is very good and funky some good logo work but also some stock fonts,
great design is general but could be a hell of a lot better with a few tweaks,

Ford de lux coupe rat rod.

Very good with the details. It just feels a bit generic. I can tell what you were going for.
@skyline0123 don’t feel harsh I know I’m not the greatest at vinyls.
Well here is my second post in this thread an old '71 skyline. Pretty basic not too fancy.
I’m debating whether to keep to the gloss or go to matte or semi gloss.


I like what you are going for, drift missile and that look is pretty funky and unique. I like the dirt on the side, the scratched up paintwork and the burnt rear bumper. That being said, the black tear is not entirely even with the rising sun graphic and the where the two meet is a little rough around the edges. The “just slide” decal also detracts from the theme, especially due to it being in stock font. The color choice is nice and I like the direction but I think it could use a little work. PS: I would go matte or semi-gloss.

Lola T280- Jo Bonnier LeMans 1972 The Swiss Cheese Car
NOTE: Painted on a Ferrari 312P, I gave it a Lola T280 conversion.

forza269 by Ace Ventura LeMans, on Flickr

forza266 by Ace Ventura LeMans, on Flickr

Cheers, Ace

@Ace Venture PI
I took some of your advice and made the paint aluminum brush and covered the body in the butterscotch yellow vinyle, leaving some spots “scrapped away”. It looks a lot better now thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

No problem mate, post 'er back in here when you get the time. I can’t wait to see it.
PS: To all posters, just for future reference try to keep the non-rating posting to a minimum.

Cheers, Ace

9.5/10 Ace… Love it!! clean and full of detail and retro what more do you want!

Gazoo Racing LFA