Randomly generated real names for AI racers in builders cup instead of Gamertags

I play strictly solo and I want the option to use normal names for Drivatars instead of gamertags. Nothing kills immersion than seeing xXxUrMumFat420xXx take the podium after finishing the race. Anything, any generic name would work.
Thank you.

I think it would help recognising drivers you are competing with if they had simpler, easier to recognise names like L.Hamilton instead of other random players gamertags.

They aren’t even guaranteed to have your actual friends names’ and are most of the time just random players.

When they originally did the “Drivatar” thing the gamertags at least made sense. Now it just seems weird.

Option to toggle realistic names would be great. Bring back M. Rossi, P. Muller etc.

It is just ugly to see random gamertags in single player.

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In can be very good to have name for AI. They can put some reference like E.Brown for a DMC-12 driver (It’s just an example)