Ran out of design slots


I am 2 cars away from having every car in the game and have a couple of duplicates and like most people I like to paint, tint the windows etc on my car yet I have ran out of design slots.

I believe this is a flaw in the game. At least have enough slots for every car. Has anybody else experienced this issue?

Yes the limit is 300 saved files for paints and 300 saved files for tunes.

Join the club…

The thing that is stupid is that even if you just use one single base paint it saves as a design. Hope that it’s fixed, also FM6 needs double the slots.


I know, genrally all I ever do is a single layer of base paint, paint the wheels and tint the windows. Maybe some Carbon Mirrors and Spoiler. How does this even constitute a design? Does anybody know a way around this?

^ Unfortunately not. You could just slap on some stripes or designs, at least it wouldnt seem that much of a wasted slot

Forza need to sort it out.

Any idea how I can contact them to suggest they add more slots?

They know we want more slots…trust me.

The work around with tunes is either:

  1. Tune the car but do not save it as a file.

  2. Load a file onto the car and then delete the file.

Both methods result in the tune being on the car but there being no save file. This means it does not use up a save slot but if you want to change to another tune you lose the original.

I am mentioning tunes because that is my in game hobby. I do not know if the same method will work if you try it with paints.

Wishlist pinned at the top of this forum.
Email to forzafb@microsoft.com

You probably won’t get a direct response either way.

The assumed issue is that all saves are backed up to the cloud and there may be limitations on the file size and Forza is already a big save file so they may have the limit there for a reason.

Thanks guys :+1: