racing seat recomendation

has any body used gtr or playseat?looking for a good racing seat set up.any advice would be great.

I recently picked up the Pagnian GTUltimate…love it.
Playseat is o.k, but I do not like the support bar in the middle of your legs.
The Pagnian has a separate pedal stand…and the seat is adjustable just like it would be in a real vehicle…more $$, but worth it IMHO.
BTW, this thread is in the wrong section…should be in the general forum, not the tuner section.

Or do what my mate did take a real car seat out of a scrap yard bolt it to a stand it’s the most comfortable gamer car I’ve ever sat in and it was cheap he £5 for the seat and £30 for a frame and the bolts came with the seat

You might consider posting this thread on the General/Hardware section.

As far as your question goes I have a Playseat Forza 5 seat and works well for me. Along with the seat, I have the shifter, 3 pedals and Thrustmaster wheel.


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