Racing against the same cars

I’m not sure if I’m blind but I can’t figure out how to race against one type of car (specifically V8 Supercars) in the free race mode. I love the racing series but the races don’t last long enough for me, 2 laps on Bathurst?! I need more than that! Any help would be great, thanks.

To create a race this specific, you’ll need to enter multiplayer to create a private, custom lobby. Don’t worry … nobody can join if you don’t want them to; but, from here, you’ll have a wide range of options to customize the event. Unfortunately, the Drivatars are very finicky and won’t upgrade their vehicles.

And you can set the number of laps you want in Free Play. You have to set it AFTER you choose the track, though. Each time you select a track, it reverts to the default lap setting for that track.