[RACE] MN Koshiro's paint booth. GSR Luka Chevy Cruze SGT300 shared. screenies pg12

My real name is Morten, known in the world of Forza as MN Koshiro. I am a Japanese fanatic, car lover, illustrator and graphic designer.
Been playing Forza since the original release back in 2005. Got into painting cars with Forza 3 and continued with Forza 4, didn’t paint
any cars in Forza 5 since I joined the game 6 months after release. And the thought of starting all over again made me take a break.

With the announcement of Forza 6 I decided to get back into painting, so I spent the last few months creating logos and planning paints for FM6.

I paint Super GT styled race designs, either replicas or originals, aswell as other Itasha inspired paints. I can paint designs from other racing series, so
you might see some inbetween my regulars.

I do alot of drawing next to painting cars in Forza in my free time, and I am currently drawing manga characters, and finding ways to implement my drawings into designs for Forza,
so expect to see some of those in the near future.


Cya all ingame and happy painting!

-MN Koshiro

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GSR Luka SGT300

File name: GSR Luka
Gamertag: MN Koshiro
Car: #4 Cruze TC1

Garage shots:

Gazoo Racing GT86 ST4

File name: Gazoo GT86
Gamertag: MN Koshiro
Car: Toyota GT86

Required bodyparts:

-Front bumper: Greddy (1st)
-Rear wing: Greddy (2nd)
-Rear bumper: Greddy
-Side skirts: Greddy (1st)
-Hood: Greddy

Garage shots:

AmiAmi Ford GT LM SGT300

File name: AmiAmi GT
Gamertag: MN Koshiro
Car: #66 Ford Racing GT Le Mans

Garage shots:

Hatsune Miku Toyota Supra

File name: Miku Supra
Gamertag: MN Koshiro
Car: Toyota Supra '98

Required bodyparts:

-Front bumper: Bomex
-Rear wing: Optional
-Rear bumper: Trail
-Side skirts: Trail
-Hood: Optional

Garage shots:

Visit Florida MX-5 CTSCC

File name: Florida MX5
Gamertag: MN Koshiro
Car: Mazda MX-5 Cup


Garage shots:

Compass360Racing Audi S3 CTSCC

File name: #75 C360R
Gamertag: MN Koshiro
Car: S3 Sedan

Garage shots:

Kaiyodo RSR GT3 Super GT300

File name: Kaiyodo RSR
Gamertag: MN Koshiro
Car: #45 GT3 RSR

Garage shots:

Flying Lizard 911 GT3 RSR Le Mans 2011.

File name: #80 FL RSR
Gamertag: MN Koshiro
Car: #45 GT3 RSR

Garage shots:

File name: #81 FL RSR
Gamertag: MN Koshiro
Car: #45 GT3 RSR

Garage shots:

Riley Motorsport #33

File name: GasMonkey Viper
Gamertag: MN Koshiro
Car: #93 Viper GTS-R

Garage shots

Hasegawa RX7 GT300 JGTC

File name: Hasegawa RX7
Gamertag: MN Koshiro
Car: #62 Mazda Motorsport RX-7

Garage shots

Calsonic Impul GT-R GT500

File name: Calsonic #12
Gamertag: MN Koshiro
Car: #1 NISMO GT-R

Garage shots:

Holiday MC Trofeo SGT300

File name: Holiday Trofeo
Gamertag: MN Koshiro
Car: #35 MC Trofeo

Garage shots:

Team Unicorn Saint

File name: Team Unicorn
Gamertag: MN Koshiro
Car: Datsun 2000

Garage shots:

OGT! Panasonic Avensis SGT300

File name: OGT Avensis
Gamertag: MN Koshiro
Car: #20 Avensis

Garage shots

Rebellion R-one #12 and #13

Considering this is my favourite LMP1 privateer team, and a team I’ve been following before they jumped up to LMP1, I just had to recreate the 2015 livery. I was certain this car would be more annoying to paint compared to the GT-R LM Nismo if you look at the shape of both cars, but it’s actually quite good. There are some unpaintable areas like the mirrors and rear wing. One slight negative thing, your vinyl groups do get more blurry than usual due to the roundish curves of the car. Every single logo on this car have the letter S in it, so I won’t be making a logo with that letter for a while now :stuck_out_tongue: Overall I am quite happy with the final result.

Rebellion 12

File name: Rebellion 12
Gamertag: MN Koshiro
Car: #12 R-One

Garage shots:

Rebellion 13

File name: Rebellion 13
Gamertag: MN Koshiro
Car: #12 R-One

Garage shots:

GT-R LM Nismo retro

Been hoping for this car in FM6 since I first saw it, and specially after watching the #21 retro livery race around Le Mans. So when this car came I was super happy and started working on the retro livery knowing alot of people would replicate this one, but I wanted to make my version of it. I’ve done what I could considering some of the weird unpantable areas on this car which does ruin the overall look slightly.

File name: LM Nismo retro
Gamertag: MN Koshiro
Car: #23 GT-R LM NISMO

Garage shots:

After making a few Super Taikyu designs I decided to continue on that trend, so I just had to make a Spoon Sports livery (Forza is cencoring S**n btw) Always wanted to make this design in Forza since FM3 but never started on one. So to get this design out of my system I had to make two :stuck_out_tongue: There are a few differences on both designs, the number plate being the biggest one.

Had a blast working on these even if they are more on the simpler side.

S Sports Honda Civic

To get the best out of the design use the following body parts:
-Sport rim style-- Pro Race 1
-Charge street front bumper
-ibherdesign street rear wing
-Charge street rear bumper
-ibherdesign street side skirts

File name: S sports Civic
Gamertag: MN Koshiro
Car: Honda Civic '97

Garage shots:

S Sports S2000

File name: S sports S2000
Gamertag: MN Koshiro
Car: 2001 S2000 FF

Garage shots:

Ringu Lancer (Ringu Super Taikyu Evo IX Halloween Bash Edition)

I wanted to make a Halloween design that could also be part of a racing series, mainly Super Taikyu. After some back and forth on which movie to turn into a design I ended up with Ringu, as I felt I had enough elements to make a decent design. I opted to not include the TV scene becasue I didn’t find a good enough reference of the angle I was looking for, and the fact it’s a well used scene. So I ended up going for the well scene. I am quite pleased with the design.

To get the best out of the design use the following body parts:
-Forza Race front bumper
-C-west sport rear wing
-Forza street rear bumper
-C-west street side skirts
-Stock Hood

File name: Ringu Lancer
Gamertag: MN Koshiro
Car: Lancer MR '06

Garage shots:

Super Taikyu Civic ST3

After alot of work my second paint is finally done. Was originally planning on doing a similar paint to the one I did in FM4, but while doing some research I found a picture of the Asahi beercan dropped into water and decided to give it a go. I’ve lost count of the hours it took to make it, but it did make me thirsty very thirsty at times :stuck_out_tongue:

The civic is not technically eligible for Super Taikyu, but let’s just say it is ^^
I did make the ST2 numberboard and class, but since this class is for 4WD production rally cars aka Lancer and Impreza’s I stuck the car in ST3 instead.

File name: ST Asahi Civic
Gamertag: MN Koshiro
Car: #2 Castrol Honda Civic WTCC

Garage shots:


My first FM6 design is finally done. This time around I wanted to make something else than a Hatsune Miku design,
so I decided to use a character that I’ve drawn as a front figure for this design.
Her name is Kasumi Midori and she’s a fanmade Vocaloid I created about 2 years ago. ( Might link some more information later)
The entire process from designing the race queen outfit for my character, drawing the images and then sketching out the design took about 3 months.

I am overall quite happy with the design, shame the window banner was unpaintable.

File name: GSR Midori Z4
Gamertag: MN Koshiro
Car: #56 BMW Team RLL Z4 GTE

Garage shots:


Here are some of my old Forza paints. I do have more paints to upload but will do so at a later stage.
If you want me to port some of these paints over to Forza 6, just PM me or let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to the list.

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For some of my original designs I like to create a side mock up of the potential design. So here is the mock ups I’ve made so far,
some of these designs are unfinished or designs that won’t be completed due to the car not being ingame.

GSR Midori Z4 SGT300

This is the first render I made a few weeks before FM6, this livery is based on GSR Miku liveries that have been running in Super GT,
replaced Miku with my own Vocaloid character in her race queen outfit.

GSR Midori AMG GT3 SGT300

I made this mock up just incase we got the AMG GT3 in FM6, it was suppose to be the follow up to my GSR Midori Z4.
This 2016 version had the new color scheme I’ve designed for my character. Made the livery after I sketched out the 2016
race queen outfit for my character, so added the sketch to see how everything would fit together. Might make something
with this for FH3 when I’m done drawing the side image.

Added the bare mock up with no livery on.

AmiAmi Ford GT LM SGT300

Mock up of my AmiAmi Ford GT LM, made this mock up right after the announcement of the car being added to FM6,
the design itself is something I’ve had on my mind for a long time, so creating this render took only a few hours.

Visit Florida MX-5 ST

Quick mock up of my Visit Florida MX-5

Kasane Teto Huracan ST SGT300

A mock up of a redesign of my Kasane Teto livery from FM4, this livery is still being worked on, and will be porting this one to FH3
as I probably won’t get it done before the release, drawing my own image and it’s queued behind a few others atm.




Will be watching in here for your awesome paints i had a lot of them in forza 4…

Ciao! Wait for your amazing japanese based liveries. Me too will be back in the weekend and back in FM6 after basically not working on 5…

see you

Morten first off love the OP graphics very cool! ps: put a link to your artwork there too!

Looking forward to seeing what youve told me over XBL :smiley: so dont be long in showing it! :wink:


Hi Morten, always been a big fan of your paints, & as im a paint collector & love taking pics i will be keeping a close eye on your thread :wink:

Thanks, will hopefully bring some of my old FM4 paints over at some point, so stay tuned ^^

Thanks man, always nice to see familiar faces popping up again :smiley:

Thanks Alex, kinda had to put something together, glad you like it :slight_smile: Links are planned, just have to get there first. The car is almost done, just double checking everything, shouldn’t be long now ^^

Thank you, would love to see your photos of my designs and others for that matter, so don’t hesitate to send me a link when you do :slight_smile:

Cant wait too see what you´ll come up with!

Thanks mate, have to say the same to you ^^

I can’t wait for this mate! If your graphic design in the heading posts are any sort of clue as to how your paints will be then I better get my shopping list out.

…waiting …impatiently.

I do spend alot of time on my designs, so I really hope so :stuck_out_tongue:

The wait is almost over, doing the final touches and the design should be done today ^^

GOODSMILE RACING KASUMI MIDORI Z4 GT300 is now released on the sharefront. (more info in the featured paints section)

File name: GSR Midori Z4
Gamertag: MN Koshiro
Car: #56 BMW Team RLL Z4 GTE

Just wow! That looks absolutely brilliant!


When it come’s to anime paint’s, for me…Your the man :wink: