[RACE] I hollis I 's Replica's. [COMPLETE] 2016 Ferrari SF16-H

few of my paints so far
All have been sheared
Search. l hollis l ( l is a L )

2008 #009 Gulf DBR9 le mans 24hrs
2004 #8 Team Veloqx R8 (#2 r8)
2015 #5&#7 Ferrari SF15-T. (Lotus e23)
2015 #111 WSR BTCC BMW
2015 #6 WSR BTCC BMW
2015 #21 Nismo GTR LM
2000 #11 Ford BTCC (2003 Focus RS)
2016 #5&#7 Ferrari SF16-T. (Lotus e23)

Thank you for looking.

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Some pretty good stuff here mate, I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Thank you I don’t get to much time to paint with real life commitments but I’ve got a few on my list id like to get done

Now complete

Looking good man. Been meaning to buy the BMW, will be sure to grab your paint when I do!

Love the BMW,
one more paint i’ll be grabbing.

Bimmer is looking nice mate. Good job.

Thanks for the kind words guys.
Next wip

I’m liking the base mate, can’t wait to see how this develops.

#6 done. Not a bad livery to do as had a lot of the decals from the other BMW still got a couple of decals to do to finish the #7

Nice one,

i’ll be downloading one soon!

Top work here mate very nice :wink:

great work so far, I’ll have to pick up the BTCC BMWs.

Went to buy the BTCC BMW and was hit with the decision of which of your paints to grab. I bought two.

Hey buddy…since you worked on AUDI R8 maybe you could do Playstation livery too !

Bimmer is looking very nice mate, good work!

Lastest Wip shot will try and have it finished over the weekend