[Race][Fantasy ]Skreamies Paint Hub - HArley Quinn V12 Zagato

Well it’s time for a new thread and hopefully plenty of designs, so lets at least make a start :smiley:

Harley Quinn V12 Zagato

Chassis 19R McLaren F1 livery for the P1 GTR

ESL Ford Focus RS

CJ Wilson Racing and Chicago Blackhawks Porsche Cayman GTS (GT4)

Sunoco Ford Escort

Apex Racing GT edition Ford GT

Cuphead livery for the Rolls Royce Dawn

Spoon Sports 2005 Honda NSX R

Lark P1 GTR

South Park

Tag Heuer McLaren P1 GTR

Gibson Racing McLaren P1 GTR

Ueno Clinic McLaren P1 GTR

Ueno Clinic McLaren P1

Finding Dory Mini

CJ Wilson Racing Safecraft Cayman

NGK/Rocket Bunny 240SX ‘Spark’

#55 Mazda 787B Playsure Racing

Star Wars Dodge Charger Hellcat

#23 Sportec Huracan Super Trofeo

CJ Wilson Racing Porsche Cayman

Rebellion Racing Esso Ultron

RedBull Ford #02 Chip Ganassi Racing Daytona Prototype

Sportec Lamborghini Gallardo

Car: #18 Gallardo ST

Fallout 4 Nissan IDx

Kanjo Racer Mugen Civic

Holiday Bash

N.A.R.T. Ferrari 250LM #8

Project Spark 380SX

C.J. Wilson Racing Vipers

Psychedelic #55 BMW Z4 GTE based on the 1970 Psychedelic Porsche

Taisan BMW E30 M3

GT: SCS Skreamies
Paint name: Nightmare
Car: 2008 Subaru WRX


#51 Harrods McLaren F1 ‘GTR’

Bac to the Future

Harrods Knightsbridge GTR WIP

#44 Lark McLaren F1 GT

Sp00n S2000 (FnF)

Three BAC Mono liveries, This includes McLaren, Ferrari & Red Bull

Diebels Alt Mercedes Evo

Esso Ultron Toyota GT86

Original JGTC 05’ NSX


Mexico Escort

Ueno Clinic McLaren F1

2017 Le mans Ford GT

Ueno clinic McLaren F1 WIP

Fina McLaren #98 ART Grand Prix 12C GT3

Blueprint Forza 6 BAC Mono

Calsonic Nissan 350z

Dinoco FnF Daytona (Standard Daytona)

Deadmau5 BAC Mono

BMW M1 Andy Warhol Art Car



Awesome designs, love the white Mono. I’ll be downloading that one when I get in!

Nice work there Skreamies! anymore? :slight_smile:

Some more will be on its way soon :slight_smile:

The new GTA update just came out so I’m giving that a try haha

Nice paints Skreamies. I like that blue mono. I know you have tons more shared though cause I’ve downloaded them all :slight_smile:

I think I’ll get pictures of everything during the weekend and get it in here as well as making this thread look a little smarter :slight_smile:

Love the art car.

Nice paints Skreamies! I can’t wait to see more.

New Fina McLaren design for the #98 ART Grand Prix 12C GT3

Also a Ueno clinic McLaren F1 WIP :slight_smile:

I hope with some more time I can make this thread a library of McLaren designs both replica, original and maybe put them on either McLaren such as McLaren F1 designs on the Longtail etc…

Stunning as always mate, keep it up!


Liking the McLaren’s mate. That MP4-12C is quite nice indeed and I can’t wait to see what the F1 turns out to be.

off to a good start dude

“Skreamies McLaren Thread”


Good start buddy, like the Fina so far is it complete?


Put me down for the Uneo Clinic F1 Gtr :slight_smile: I love the 95 & 96 Le Mans F1 GTRs

Great designs so far mate, and why do I get a feeling you have a thing for McLarens? :stuck_out_tongue:

The Fina 12C is complete as this is what I wanted it to be, more of a launch car instead of one I do later down the road. It will be reworked though down the road.

You’re on the list, It’s rather exclusive :stuck_out_tongue:

How can you not have a thing for them? :slight_smile:

Another couple logos added to the Ueno Clinic McLaren, should have this done by the weekend and most likely released on Monday :slight_smile:

Excellent cars as always mate, I’d love one of these once you’re finished, that’s for sure.

Looks like my weekend just got busier with the download button lol… Keep 'em coming mate.