Questions regarding the career of FM6

It’s me again. I got more questions to ask! About the career, I saw 5 volumes in the Gamescom presentation. Will they be able to be started individually? Or do I have to start from Volume 1 and work my way up to Volume 5? I really want to touch the race cars so I don’t want to waste time on the other volumes.

I don’t think any of us know yet.

Having said that I think I recall that you could choose discipline like in Forza 5 but I’m unsure. I really wish there was an in depth article about career. We still don’t know much about it. Want to know whether race length is adjustable, whether race times will show up at race end (which they don’t in Forza 5 career) and just more about the overall structure. It’s all still a mystery and a walkthrough video would be good.

With 30 days to go now I expect they’ll release more info as they count down to Day 1. I sure hope they do anyhow.

It was very curious that some of the career options appeared to be behind a padlock at first. Maybe you have to hit a certain level to race in them, like how endurance races were behind a Level 20 barrier in Forza 3.

Nonetheless, at this point nobody knows.

Nobody knows unfortunately, but the question I’d ask them if I could would be how long is the career mode?

This E3 news story mentioned more than 70 hours of Career gameplay:

Would love to see a in-depth article about the career along with screenshots.

I loved FM4 career path, FM5 was okay but not a spec on FM4.