Question regarding controller

Hello Forza Community,

I’ve wanted to ask you guys if PDP XBOX controller (wired) is going to work with the Forza Horizon 4?

Because my current Gioteck which has a ps3 layout refuses to work.

I just googled it, it says it’s fully compatible with the standard Xbox One controller so it should be fine.

If you haven’t bought it yet, you may be able to get a genuine controller from Microsoft in their Black Friday sale, in the UK they are significantly discounted at the moment. You can get either a wireless one with an adapter included, or a wireless one with a USB cable included (so you can use it like a wired controller and with no batteries). It’s a bit more than the PDP one but will be a lot better quality.

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I have a PDP controller and it doesnt work with FH4. The controller is detected as a Xbox one controller but it wont work. I have tried exiting Steam but doesnt work.