Question about Toyota...

I know that there has been a lot of people “Wishing” for Toyota to give gaming a second chance.

I know that we have some Toyota Vehicles, and to be honest, they are all pretty decent additions to the game.

What I did NOT know, was that Polyphony Digital just added 3 Toyota cars to GT:Sport.

Not just ANY cars either, but the Flagship cars… 1967 2000GT, 2014 FT-1, and the 1997 Supra RZ.

Assuming that this is a signal from Toyota, that they are done holding back, should we expect at least a comment or something in return from Toyota, or Turn10?

Please don’t turn this into a wishlist.

Story Source: Gran Turismo Sport 1.11 Update Now Available – GTPlanet

Please close…

Gran Toyota Sport :smiley:

Interesting, very Interesting… Thx for that Info