Question About Leagues

Hey everybody I tried looking for my answer so I’ll just ask.

SO I want the XJ FE I know it comes up towards the end of the month. What do i have to do to actually get it? Like one race in each day untill i get to that date. I hope someone can help me new to the leagues. I’m not good at beating people who have done it over the last year. ANy help would be great. I’m trying to finish my collection. Thank you.

Also I did the rivials event and had no assists on and still have not gotten the Diablo GTR.


Just participate in one league race each week. That’s it.


thats it so just one race in each of the weeks untill i get the car? I dont have to do a race everyday? Thank you for the help so far :slight_smile:

And that will get me the XJ FE and other FE cars? Do you know about the diablo GTR? still have not gotten it yet.

the diablo has not been sent out yet, how many threads does it need to said in
it gets sent after the event is removed from the rivals events and not before

Yes one race each week any of the leagues you want. Diablo I got on a wheelspin the day that rivals started. Few of my friends did too. I haven’t received the gift one yet. Leagues change on Sat at 8pm Eastern time. May change next week due to daylight savings ending this Sun here in the States.

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