Question about Forzathon prizes

My favorite car in the world is the Porsche 911 Singer DLS, and it’s not a car you can buy in the autoshow. I also didn’t see anybody selling them at auction. Will I ever have the chance to win this car again? On one of the wiki pages , it shows that it has been available for 3 different Forzathon’s, but the most recent one was almost a year ago.


Generally, yes, the cars offered once will come back at some point, probably as a playlist prize, maybe as a Forzathon Shop buy. Just have to keep looking and hoping :wink: :crossed_fingers:


Put an hour aside, fire up a podcast or some other suitably entertaining listening material that you like and spend that hour swiftly going back & forth in the auction house search menu. And if a car appears in the otherwise mindnumbingly empty listing get it quickly before its nabbed.

And if you don’t get some opportunities then I’d treat it as unattainsble - until forza decides to eventually reintroduce it as a prize. No point wasting time afterall.

Not a bad idea