Question About Exhibition Races

Whenever I finish an exhibition race I have the option to Continue or Retry. If I retry the race I can keep going 'til I come in first place and then get the gold trophy next to the greyed out icon on the map (at least I think so). However, if I press Continue and go explore for a while then come back to the exhibition race and come in first, I do not get the gold trophy icon. Is it supposed to be this way? Do you have to come in first place on your first try (or at least during your first “session”)? It’s bothering me that some icons have the gold trophies and some don’t (OCD). Thanks guys.

I’m pretty sure the trophy icon is for winning a championship that starts there.

Don’t use retry. You won’t get the credits and XP. If you continue then you get paid and you can still try again.

Hmm… I haven’t even played enough to unlock Championships yet. Unless it counts the beginning of the game where you drive the Lambo Centenario and then the baja style truck or whatever.

Using retry doesn’t grant you credits/XP? I could swear it does… Maybe not as much as if you had won the first time, but I thought you got something.