Queen Crest Vinyl Group development

That’s… really smart. sigh :laughing:

That looks so cool!!

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So nice. is there a guide or manual on how create those shapes, and images?

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So the image I just found on the internet. I find that vector/line art is usually the easiest to pattern after, because the tools they use to make it are kinda similar to the tool that Forza gives us.

So straight lines are usually pretty simple. The thing I had the hardest time with was curves. The main shapes I use when defining the outside and inside of curves are these two:

The one on the left I use more for outer curves, the “Nike swoosh” on the right more for inner, but sometimes those swap. I also sometimes use circle and half circle shapes on larger spaces, but if it’s narrow then those two are pretty clutch.

For lines, my main shapes used are:

The four in the column there. When they’re small they get really skinny, so sometimes I have to use multiple copies and overlap them to make them thick enough.

Also, the 90 degree corner bend can cover things those can’t, but I use it fairly sparingly:

I would recommend just messing around, and just start super simple. If you look at my creative hub, I left a couple of my “tangram” style piece that I first started out with. BASIC shapes put together to represent things. And then it just went on from there.

Not having the ability to “free hand” seems like a limitation, but it actually has to do with how the art is created/rendered. Because it is defined as basic shapes (with various adjustments made to height/width/rotation/etc.) then they can be scaled down or up to basically any size without impacting details. That’s something normal/raster art can’t really handle, as those types of drawings will look terrible if you make them larger (they get all pixelated).

Find something simple you’d like to do, then do it. Increase complexity from there. At times I’ve felt like this project was maybe “too much”… but then I remember that it’s basically just a 1000 piece puzzle (or whatever the layer count will end up… maybe more than that). I just have to put it together one piece at a time. Except instead of having to find the piece out of a pile… I can just make the piece.

Here’s where I’m at, at the moment:

I’m working on that outline. (or is it an out… lion? ba-dum-tiss) As you can see, the most recent layer I added was that “Nike swoosh”. That one was a dual purpose, as it formed a curve that I needed, and it also seemed about perfect for that lion nose. I think that’s when things really start rolling… when you can look at an image and say, “Oh, there’s a circle, there’s a triangle, there’s a nike swoosh” and you can just piece things together. I’m putting this one on the shelf for the night, as I have another trial livery I want to knock out. But my goal is just to consistently make forward progress… I’ll eventually be done. It’s more like carpentry in that once you do it, it’s done. (Unliking cutting grass or mowing the lawn.)

Edited to add:
Part of the reason I started this thread was because of how humbled/inspired I was by the Rivals crew:

Those folks are constantly pushing the envelope, driving and tuning beyond anything that I can imagine. So while I don’t feel like I can drive/tune like that… maybe I can contribute by making cool vinyl groups. Or helping people to see that the biggest limiting factor isn’t the vinyl group editing tool… it’s our imagination. (And patience. And stupid curvy lines.)


remember some of the brackets in the fonts are good for curves, use to be that the Lower case L and other fonts scaled better and got less pixelated and blurry than ‘regular’ shapes when shrunk down really small, not really sure if thats still the case


There are quite a few painting tricks here if your interested. I just put alot of the painting guides in one section to make them easy to find. Forza Documentation [History, Guides, and More] - #5 by Oliver0023


Thanks for this! Outstanding contribution!

Current status:

Pretty much finished with the out-lion. Need to do the inner details and the crown. You can see a little bit of the wing work where the fairy overlapped. I ended up doing more of that than I originally planned because some of the overlap looked a little weird out of context.

I’ll call this a day on it. Pretty happy with it, and I also knocked out a couple vinyl groups for next week’s trial livery.


Well, now it kinda looks like a lion:

Next steps, chains and a little outer section of the “Q” I had been putting off. Then the fairy will be after that. I’ll do the branch last… and then swap over to the left lion after that. This… is gonna takea while. On the bright side, I’m thinking I’ll keep it under the 3k layer limit (but it may end up closer than I would have thought)


Chains: check!

Next up, fairy on the right.


It’s a fairy!

Next up, branch.


It’s a branch! And 1k layers. (completely coincidence, I assure you… I honestly don’t keep very good track of my layer count until I’ve hit a stopping point.)

Next up… left lion.


Looking great ! I’m kind of curious if you keep any kind of track of how many hours you’re spending on this :slight_smile: Or if like me you just get lost in the details and after a few minutes it’s hours later lol

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Nah, haven’t been logging time. It’s been a lot on this one. It’s usually in roughly half hour sessions, I would say. They just add up.

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Well, apparently about 57 layers for the left tail. The tail has a lot of surface area, so it’s pretty layer intensive. The rest of the outline should be easier. I’m concerned about the shaggy mane… I think that’s going to be an area that’ll bog down.

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Finished the out-lion. Lots of detail work left, especially the mane and the crown.


The face details make a BIG difference:

Still some more mane to do, and the crown.


Mane plus crown down:

Next up, the left fairy.


Left fairy done:

Next up, left branch.


Left branch:

Next up, flames above the crab.


Flames done:

Now just gotta have a phoenix. I’ll start with the tongue/head/neck details, and work my way outward. Hit just north of 1500 layers. I’m doubting the phoenix will push it to 2k, but we’ll see… there’s a lot of feather things towards the inside.