Puma GTi 1967-1970

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Puma GTi

From Puma Website, Translated from English:

Everything started from the track prototype that Rino Malzoni developed in his farm in Matão, São Paulo state.

The project had the support of Vemag, which supplied chassis and mechanics, because they wanted a model to face the Willys Interlagos, which in 1964 was victorious in several events. The sports car had a front DKW engine, 3 cylinders of 981 cm3 and weighed 720 kg.

With the model in evolution and winning several competitions was founded the company Sociedade de Automóveis Lumimari Ltda. that later would become PUMA.

In 1966, already with the idea of selling an exclusive model for the streets, a new name was suggested to dissociate the racing car image and the name Puma was chosen.

The street version debuted in the Brazilian Auto Show in November 1966, originally baptized Puma GT (popularly known as Puma DKW), based on the GT Malzoni bodywork, but with several esthetic and technical modifications, besides a better refinement in the finishing.

The front end received a new grille and bumper, the instrument panel received a new design with a wood finish, the door moved forward and got a new cutout, and the rear end was also redesigned, including a new headlight (which was the same part that fitted the Chevrolet C-10 pickup truck’s front turn signal light), but with red lenses.

125 units were produced, but Vemag closed its activities in 1967 leaving the Puma temporarily without an engine and chassis supplier.

Due to the purchase of Vemag by Volkswagen, the production of DKW models (in which Puma used the mechanics until then), was suspended in 1967.

Puma then found itself in a complicated situation without the supply of chassis and engine, thus needing a new project. Rino Malzoni then took up a project of a race car that was stopped on his farm, and nine months later the prototype was ready.

For this new model they opted for the VW 1500 cm3 rear mechanical assembly, and the chassis was from the Karmann-Ghia with the wheelbase shortened. Its lines were similar to its predecessor’s with a touch of inspiration from the Lamborghini Miura, its beautiful lines without sharp corners, its side air intakes similar to shark’s gills (which originated the nickname “Shark”), and the absence of the front grille gave it a more aerodynamic look.

The Puma GT VW was Puma’s most successful model, helping the growth and consolidation of the brand.


Here’s some images of the Car and it’s very good looking indeed, gives me really big Ferrari 246 Dino vibes from the front.

Unfortunately it’s only powered by a 1.6L VW Engine with around 70hp but it’s still good enough to propel the car up to a top speed of around 155kph.

Here’s an English Article on the Car’s History with some nice historical photographs.


The car was based on european models such as Alpine A110 and Lambos from that time

The 1.6 engine actually was one of factors of its popularity beacuse it was the same motor as used on popular VW cars in Brazil at that time, making its maintecments easier than most Brazilian sports cars

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Ah, that makes sense. I like how they replicated the front end a bit but did their own thing for the rear, overall it’s a really good looking car.

And yea the engines were very smart, no use having a big powerful engine if it’s too expensive to keep running.

Love it! Yes, add it pronto!

Oh wait, it’s South American, therefore won’t get added.

Mexico=/South America lol

There had some Brazilian cars on Forza before, a exemple is the VW Fox (that is a intially a Brazilian car) was featured in FM4 as one of the starter car and as NPC in following FH games and the Argentine De Tomasio Pantera

Mexican is not South America lmao. Mexico is on the North American tectonic plate which stretches from Canada down to Panama including the Caribbean islands

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I thought Mexico was in Central America, but I’m happy to be corrected.

My initial comment was aimed at the lack of cars in FH5 native to Brasil, Argentina and elsewhere in the Americas that isn’t Canada or the US. Having some of them might give it more local flavour.

This vote page is not just about FH5, its for entire Forza Horizon series and entire Motorsport Series as well

Please have it on mind

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