Profiles - Layer Groups

Is there a simple way to transfer layer groups between profiles on your xbox? Can this be done locally, without any uploading/downloading?

No and attempt to do so locally would possibly trigger the anti cheating mechanism and result in a ban/suspension

Ok, thanks! Cheating is definitely not what I am looking for. I made some vinyls and cars on my brothers profile before I created my own, was just wondering if I could get those to my profile

could you gift them to your account? put your unlocked logos on a car or just gift them individually… gift designed car etc
then pull logos and save to your logo files… if you want to use them on other work

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Thank you, seems like that might work! :slight_smile: Also, I made a Topic over at “Miscellaneous” → “Off-Topic” regarding a program for computers that is similar to the vinyl-creator-thingy in Forza! Do you happen to know anything about that? :slight_smile:

If you’re looking to transfer vinyl groups from one profile to another, gifting is the easiest method. If you’re trying to transfer decals between multiple save files for ONE gaming account, yes there is a way to do so without cheating. Here’s how:

Load the save file you want to transfer the decals from.
Put those decals on any car.
Post the car on auction and immediately CANCEL the auction.
Back out to the main menu.
Load the other save file.
Go to your auctions and RESOLVE the auction you just cancelled.
Now the car has been placed in the garage of your other save file, where you can then go to paint and save the vinyl group(s) off the car.

It’s kind of time consuming, but safe and effective with no need to worry about cheating. Just make sure that if your second garage is on a flash drive save device you do NOT remove the device at any point–it will invalidate your save game and your entire garage will be for naught.

Hope that helps!