Problem with Ford Shelby GT350R

Hello, I noticed this problem a year ago and posted on the forum but surprisingly got no response, also this bug got no fix. I downloaded the game almost 10 times after the last encounter with the problem (yes i know i re-install Windows too often) so please don’t comment ,download the game again’’ or something similar to that, the game files are not corrupted. Surely I can’t be the only one who has this bug.

So to explain it simply while driving my Ford Shelby GT350R sometimes the car and wheels go underground, not sure when the problem occurs but I noticed a pattern, when the car brakes or drives on a hill.

Pictures below:

I’ve never encountered this on Xbox One X and I’ve driven the 350R quite a lot.
Which suspension are you running?

I have no idea I downloaded a custom tune when I bought the car, I don’t know how to check it so i’ll just drop the picture of the tuning

Just curious but why are you using a drag tune for general driving?

It’s probably got suspension all the way down at the front and all the way up at the back or down on both which would most likely make you go into the road on the slightest dip.

Weird thing to happen either way…

Like Rayne SE said it’s part of the game for some tunings even on consoles.

I don’t think it was ever supposed to be part of the game tbh. It was/is a glitch that someone found and others were quick to take advantage of.

I believe something similiar with suspension is used to get some pretty ridiculous distances off Danger Signs. I recall one DS where i was in the top 20 and though “hey that’s pretty good” and came back to find i had been shoved back to 60 with the top jumps being upwards of a 100 metres or more than my one (leaving out the obvious cheats of 1000 metres or more of course).

There was no way a car not glitch tuned to take advantage was ever going to be in the running.

Sure, it’s a glitch and very known. I thought it would be fixed years ago but many people already think it’s legit tuning :smiley:

I don’t know much about jumps because I do zones and traps mostly but jumps are about flipping car. You can’t have good numbers with normal landing. That’s the reason I don’t care, it’s about luck not skill.

stop parking in the invisible pot holes

I just tried it on PC, went to a few hills in Edinburgh, couldn’t reproduce that problem.

Seeing the build and tune description I have a suspicion.
There was and probably still is a way to build drag tunes that glitch into the ground resulting in higher speeds.
The 500+ km/h 599XX Evo is the most known one.
If I’m correct simply adding a normal tune or reversing it to stock should solve the suspension issue.

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How many FPS do you have? It changes physics a bit.

It’s a suspension problem, I can easily change it there is no problem and thanks everyone for answers but this still needs to be fixed. I’m running Forza on PC with 113-117 fps without a major drop on Ultra settings.

You can fix it yourself. It’s like complaining that your car has red stripes on it.

Game shouldn’t allow you to lower suspension so low that your car goes underground. It’s a bug/glitch and I can easily change it but this thread was made for Forza to fix it in the future. :slight_smile:

It’s the game problem :smiley:

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Its super soft suspension tune:

I’d suggest using normal road tune to avoid such problems and not just for this particular car, but any other too.

Good investigation! What are you playing on? Fix for this problem would be pretty nice because it ruined many PR stunts.

PC @60 fps, high preset, normal steering, ABS, keyboard

Cool, thanks for the info.

Just ‘fix’ it yourself by using a normal tune?