Problem I am coming across in Horizon 4 PC...Please Help anyone!!

Hi! I recently downloaded the horizon 4 demo onto my pc. (gtx 1060 6gb, i5-6600k, 16gb ddr4 ram) The game will not load in unless I restart my whole computer many many times and oncew it does load in, I can only play for a few minutes before it freezes. I hope this issue is resolved soon as I am about to preorder the Ultimate edition of Horizon 4. By the way, I have re-downloaded the game as well and nothig is working. I even went through all of the presets and nothing worked. A lot of the time I will get past the startup menu and then just sit loading for hours with no change or going into the first race. I feel as if my computer should be able to handle this game and I am anxiously awaiting playing the full game, depending on if this will work. Thank You! (This will be my first new forza game since horizon 1, so I am really hoping this works out)

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